Aalsmeer Region Participants 2018


12 - 15 June 2018

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Koppe, The Begonia Specialist.
Koppe Begonia is a genuine family business. It took root in the early 20th century – in 1910 to be precise. Over more than 100 years, our organisation has grown from a small family-run company into a leading breeder and supplier of propagation material. In other words, an expert in the breeding and propagation of begonias. The Koppe range consists of indoor as well as outdoor flowering and foliage begonias. Koppe’s propagation is distinguished by its large range. Our market share is growing steadily and demand from international breeders for our cuttings is constantly rising.

Thanks to our many years of experience and a process of continuous professionalization, we are now the most innovative breeder of foliage begonias and flowering begonias in the world.

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New Innovations!
New Innovations!
At the 2017 edition of the Flower Trials® we, as a Begonia Specialist, would again like to show you that we haven’t been sitting back. We won’t, of course, be giving away too much, because we’d like you to see our innovations for yourself. We would also like to hear your opinion about our innovations, preferably while enjoying a snack and a drink.

The innovations that we’d like to show you mostly form part of the Begonia Elatior range and are suitable for indoors and/or outdoor display. And even more special surprises are in store. To sum it up, Koppe will again transport you into the wonderful world of the Begonia this year.

See you at the 2017 Flower Trials®!
Trendy Beleaf®
Trendy Beleaf®
We are really proud of our Beleaf® Collection with its wide range of stunning colours! Due to great demand, we are paying a lot of attention to our leaf begonia this year. It’s a true trendsetter that matches any interior. Thanks to an array of colours, you will always find the Beleaf® that is perfect for you. We would therefore be delighted to show you what can be done with this beautiful and resilient modern plant, for the benefit of both you and your customers.

Last year, we introduced Asian Tundra and Forest Stream. By now, these are an established part of our range, with responses having been highly positive and these varietals considered a great addition to our collection.
Koppe, Begonia specialist
Koppe, Begonia specialist
Are you familiar with our full range? Do you know what the available Cupido® Pink options are? Have you heard about our 4-colour Betulia® Collection, an outdoors bestseller? And how about our globally-renowned Barkos® Collection? If not, we’d like to invite you to come and see them for yourself.

Come to Koppe for a wide range, top quality and vast general knowledge about begonias. Please let our Begonia experts supply you with obligation-free information about the value that our collection can add for your customers.

For these informative days, our rooting site in Aalsmeer creates a setting that ideally demonstrates the gorgeous colours and diversity offered by begonias.

We hope to see you here!

The Koppe Team

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