Aalsmeer Region Participants 2017

Horteve Breeding

13 - 16 June 2017

About usHorteve Breeding

Hydrangea breeding and market know-how.
Horteve Breeding is specialised in the breeding of Hydrangea for the production of indoor pot plants, garden shrubs and cut flowers. But Horteve is more than just that. Beside the many years of experience in the breeding of Hydrangea, Horteve has in-depth know-how and experience in propagation, production of forcing plants and shrubs as well as the European markets. As a result Horteve can offer a choice of possibilities which Hydrangea can provide in the various market segments.

Horteve is an innovative company and has been introducing over the last years a lot of novelties. Keeping quality and new flower types are still goals we are breeding for. Horteve does flower, every year, about 10.000 new seedlings. These seedlings are part of the breeding program. Different seedlings from the previous years has become clones and are tested yearly. After several years of trialing these clones some of these might become a variety.
The sister company of Horteve Breeding, Hortensia France Production (HFP), is for 100% specialized in the growing of forcing plants of hydrangea’s. The assortment consists out of the beautiful Magicals, mop-head varieties, teller types in all colors. Due to the 24.250 cubique meters of cold store HFP is capable to cool the whole production on their own premises. The plants are grown on 19 ha platforms in the pot sizes 12PVC, 14PVC and a 4.7 litre pot. Another sister company Bocause is specialized in the multiplication of these varieties producing in a 180 hole tray, 104 hole tray and a 35 hole tray. Bocause is a rooted cutting supplier with a very homogeneous product.
A wide range of mophead varieties of Horteve Breeding are on the market varieties like Xian pink and blue have an outstanding keeping quality aswell in the coldstore as when the plants are in flower. Ankong pink and blue, Ningbo red makes superb plants with a lot of branches. These plants can also be used for garden plants. The teller varieties are original and some of them have a very different flower form.

Top 10 productsHorteve Breeding

  1. Hortensia macrophylla Magical Revolution®
  2. Hortensia macrophylla Magical Amethyst®
  3. Hortensia macrophylla Anda Blue®
  4. Hortensia macrophylla Ankong Rose®
  5. Hortensia macrophylla Dalian®
  1. Hortensia macrophylla Wudu®
  2. Hortensia macrophylla Xian®
  3. Hortensia macrophylla Benxi®
  4. Hortensia macrophylla Beijing®
  5. Hortensia macrophylla Shooting Stars®