Aalsmeer Region Participants 2020


9 - 12 June 2020

About usHilverdaKooij

HilverdaKooij breeds and propagates various varieties of pot plants and cut flowers. HilverdaKooij has excelled in producing varieties of Dianthus, Limonium and Alstroemeria for many years. Its assortment has expanded in recent years to include Helleborus, Echinacea, Gypsophila, Scabiosa and Dahlia.
Its large-scale network of locations and partnerships in the Netherlands and abroad enables HilverdaKooij to provide its customers everywhere in the world with a complete assortment of starting material for cut flower and pot plant production. HilverdaKooij has production sites in China, Kenya and Colombia.

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Flow® serie
Flow® serie
- Large double flower buds
- Many different bright fresh colours
- Compact and filled plant
- Pot size 12-15 cm
- Flower from June until September
- Wonderfully scented pot carnations
- Cheerful large, bicolour blooms
- Easily fills the pot
- Easy to grow
- Pot size 10.5 - 12 cm
- Flowers from spring until autumn
Summer Paradise Summer Red®
Summer Paradise Summer Red®
- Garden Alstroemeria with bright red flowers with a yellow heart
- Strong plant with firm, straight stems
- Perennial
- Flowers from May until the end of October

Top 10 productsHilverdaKooij

  1. Alstroemeria (Summer Paradise ®) Summer Red®
  2. Echinacea (MOOODZ®) Courage®
  3. Echinacea (MOOODZ®) Dream®
  4. Dianthus (Sunfor®) Cody®
  5. Dianthus (Sunfor®) Bowie®
  1. Dianthus (BEAUTIES®) Tiiu®
  2. Dianthus (BEAUTIES®) Tasha®
  3. Dianthus (FLOW®) Glen Bay®
  4. Dianthus (FLOW®) Apella Beach®
  5. Dahlia (REBEL®) Jubilee®