Aalsmeer Region Participants 2019

Florist Holland

11 - 14 June 2019

About usFlorist Holland

Florist Holland B.V.
Florist Holland is a propagation and breeding company with almost 75 employees in the Netherlands. We specialize in Gerbera. We are located in De Kwakel, the Netherlands, where all our international activities are managed too. When it comes to our sales activities, we make optimal use of knowledge and the network. At the same time, we adopt a local approach and respond to specific growing and market conditions in each country. Florist Holland is also focusing on the consumer of tomorrow. Based on the latest technologies and innovations, the enthusiastic Florist team, will continue to develop new varieties and sales concepts for the future.

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Garvinea Sweet Sunset®
Garvinea Sweet Sunset®
Garvinea® Sweet Sunset® with its warm orange-yellow two-toned flowers, brings joyful colors into the garden - bees & butterflies will join the party! Sweet Sunset® has the same Garvinea robustness and disease resistance growers and retailers expect. With great weather tolerance, Garvinea Sweet Sunset® provides lots of happy colors from spring to
Patio Gerbera Capitol Reef®
Patio Gerbera Capitol Reef®
Patio Gerbera Capitol Reef® offers stunning XL-sized plants with large decorative flowers, for an instant WOW effect at the front door, patio, deck, terrace or veranda. Patio Gerbera Capitol Reef® will show its pink-white flowers from late spring to early autumn. BONUS: pick your own flowers for a beautiful
Pure Blooms®
Pure Blooms®
Go Green with Gerbera

Gerbera Daisy helps purify the air in your home. NASA studies prove the Gerbera Daisy is able to break down the everyday harmful gases released by paint, varnish, flooring materials, and household furniture throughout your living area. Gerbera brings joy and happiness along with better air quality in homes, offices, schools, and any indoor area. For the best results, place several in a grouping in each of your living areas.

Look no further!
PureBlooms® offers flowering plants that purify the air in your home and make you feel good. PureBlooms®, the happy air

Top 10 productsFlorist Holland

  1. 1. Gerbera Garvinea® Sweet Fiesta®
  2. 2. Gerbera Garvinea® Sweet Sunset®
  3. 3. Gerbera Garvinea® Sweet Frosting®
  4. 4. Gerbera Patio Gerbera Painted Desert®
  5. 5. Gerbera Patio Gerbera Capitol Reef®
  1. 6. Gerbera Flori Line® Giants mix
  2. 7. Gerbera Flori Line® Select mix
  3. 8. Gerbera Sundayz® mix
  4. 9. Gerbera Patio Gerbera Orange County®
  5. 10. Gerbera Sundayz® Berries & Cream®