Westland Region Participants 2020


9 - 12 June 2020

About usFlorensis

Florensis is an innovative, second-generation family business that has proven its success over the years. We have been providing professional growers with new varieties and plant propagation material since 1941.

More than 2,000 devoted and skilled employees in the Netherlands, other European countries and throughout the world produce more than 1 billion young plants from seed and cuttings every year. We specialise in annuals, pot plants, primula, pansies, perennials and cut flowers.

We supply growers with an unrivalled assortment of more than 4,000 different varieties of flowers and plants of the very highest quality, in spectacular colour ranges and grown using the most innovative and, wherever possible, sustainable technologies.

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Pelargonium x hybrida Red Explosion
Pelargonium x hybrida Red Explosion
Can you handle a red explosion of Pelargoniums?!

This renewed Pelargonium resembles an explosion of super growing and red flower power, without releasing anything at all. This Pelargonium cleans itself and has a strong summer performance without any maintenance. Amazing isn't it? That’s why we call this convenient grower & consumer-friendly Pelargonium: Red Explosion!

Wit its intense red colour the Pelargonium Red Explosion has an unique garden performance incomparable with any other Pelargonium. This early flowering redhead is really a product for whole Europe! It can be grown flexible in different pot sizes and is heat and dry​en-gb/​annuals
Amore King of Hearts
Amore King of Hearts
Are you ready to fall in love...?

This amazing Petunia is decorated with beautiful heart shapes on every flower, spreading a message of love and friendship in the garden. With its long-lasting flowering period and a strong and uniform semi-trailing habit, it is a new innovation and a fabulous choice for every pot, basket or mixed container. The Amore family presents their new member: King of Hearts!

The queen found her king.
A true Love story !​en-gb
Salvia x hybrida Mysty
Salvia x hybrida Mysty
Too blue to be true!

Salvia Mysty is a real eye-catcher because of it’s incredibly intensively blue, large blossoms. Growing naturally compact and uniform. The growth character is appealing economically for growers as well and offers new market opportunities in the complete chain, especially with smaller pot sizes. A high value product with more pots per m2!

Stop searching! Mysty flowers continuously and is particularly tolerant to very sunny locations. It will guarantee you a nice summer performance and is a reliable partner for bees and butterflies in your garden. Moreover, Mysty is your special element for innovative and creative mix combo’s.

Can it get any better? Yes it can! Salvia Mysty won the IPM 2018 Novelty price for bedding and balcony plants!​en-gb/​annuals

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  3. Salvia x hybrida Mysty
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