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11 - 14 June 2019

About usFlorensis

Florensis is an innovative, second-generation family business that has proven its success over the years. We have been providing professional growers with new varieties and plant propagation material since 1941.

More than 2,000 devoted and skilled employees in the Netherlands, other European countries and throughout the world produce more than 900 million young plants from seed and cuttings every year. We specialise in annuals, pot plants, primula, pansies, perennials and cut flowers.

We supply growers with an unrivalled assortment of more than 4,000 different varieties of flowers and plants of the very highest quality, in spectacular colour ranges and grown using the most innovative and, wherever possible, sustainable technologies.

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MixMasters® Multispecies Cotton Tail
MixMasters® Multispecies Cotton Tail
Try our new MixMasters® Multispecies Cotton Tail for the upcoming season!

Do you Lilac it is one of the new interspecific mixes. MixMasters® are the perfect answer for tomorrow's customers! Why? Because our MixMasters® are becoming more and more popular and are being continuously developed to provide ultimate customer satisfaction.

What makes Florensis MixMasters® so unique and attractive, is their year-round availability. These outstanding ready-to-go MixMasters® mixes make it easy for you to produce profitable plant combinations to supply your customers throughout the year.

All of our mixes are developed by having them tested for pot and garden performance in Europe and the US. For most of our mixes, we use Florensis and Ball FloraPlant genetics to guarantee great performance and​en-gb/​about/​mixmasters-your-year-round-programme
Begonia Squad
Begonia Squad
Solutions for all your Begonia needs!

There may be as many as 1500 named Begonia species worldwide ….the number of varieties is anybody’s guess. Deciding on the right mix for production and retail can overwhelm even the most experienced grower.

Florensis offers a streamlined selection with the best genetics for greenhouse-to-garden performance. Begonia Squad gives a clear overview on outstanding features, habit and vigour, optimal production format, colour range and propagation type.

Florensis makes Begonias simple!​en-gb
Toscana® Pelargonium
Toscana® Pelargonium
Great to produce and great to enjoy!

The renewed Toscana® range has undergone a metamorphosis and is presented in new segments, including the latest colours and varieties from our own breeding.
The qualitatively superior plants and the best in class colour palette make Toscana® an easy and profitable program for you to produce. The early flowering varieties allow you to catch the profitable early season sales window.

The Toscana® range is known for the bright, vivid colours and unusual colour combinations. Toscana® is proven to have the best garden performance and can be used both in patio containers and for bedding plantings.

Florensis presents you a modern and unbeatable Pelargonium​en-gb

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  2. Begonia Squad
  3. Toscana® Pelargonium
  4. Calibrachoa at Home
  5. Echinacea Sombrero™
  1. Salvia Blue Marvel
  2. Salvia Mysty
  3. Lavandula Lovers
  4. Phlox Popstars
  5. Lisianthus Celeb Madonna & Grape