Aalsmeer Region Participants 2018

Benary Samenzucht

12 - 15 June 2018

About usBenary Samenzucht

Benary is THE World Leading Begonia Specialist
Renowned worldwide as a leader in Begonias, both tuberous and fibrous, Benary’s fine selected assortment includes some of the industry’s most sought after varieties in Pansies & Violas, Pentas, Petunias, Marigolds, and Rudbeckia, just to name a few.
Benary is active in three breeding facilities: USA, The Netherlands, and Germany. That brings us closer to you and your markets. Our main focus is on developing and selling flower varieties for the professional bedding plant market – bringing beauty to the world.
Our professional quality products are offered to growers through our wide network of distributors and brokers around the world.

Video impression 2017Benary Samenzucht

Begonia tuberhybrida F1 Nonstop® Joy Mocca White
Begonia tuberhybrida F1 Nonstop® Joy Mocca White
  • Unique semi-trailing begonia from seed
  • Joy Mocca White makes an attractive addition to Joy Yellow
  • Ship more baskets per rack
  • Easy to sleeve and ship
  • Easy to grow
  • Vibrant colour “pops” at retail and in the garden
  • Branches better for fuller hanging baskets
  • Versatile uses in shady to half-shady areas
  • Proven Nonstop® quality‌en/‌node/‌1962
Petunia x hybrida trailing F1 SUCCESS! Pink Star
Petunia x hybrida trailing F1 SUCCESS! Pink Star
  • Pink Star - New unique colour!
  • First Pink Star in trailing petunia from seed!
  • Earliest series in the industry — 7 days earlier than competing lines
  • Most uniform flowering series on the market
  • Outstanding germination and seed quality
  • Less PGR‘s required in production
  • Now 14 enchanting colours!‌en/‌node/‌1964
Calocephalus brownii Bed Head
Calocephalus brownii Bed Head
  • First calocephalus from seed!
  • Exclusive appearance
  • Perfect combination plant with extravagant character
  • Well suited as fall crop and accent plant in beds
  • Cold and heat tolerant
  • Recommendation: 4 seeds per plug‌en/‌node/‌1974

Top 10 productsBenary Samenzucht

  1. BIG Begonia x benariensis F1 Series
  2. Begonia x hybrida F1 Funky® Pink
  3. Begonia tub. Nonstop® Joy - Semi-trailing
  4. Begonia tub. Nonstop® / Nonstop® Mocca
  5. Begonia semperflorens Sprint Plus
  1. Begonia bol. Sun Cities Collection
  2. Petunia x hybrida SUCCESS! Series
  3. Pentas lanceolata F1 Graffiti® Series
  4. Pansy Inspire® Plus & DeluXXe Series
  5. Viola cornuta F1 Admire® Series