Aalsmeer Region Participants 2021

Benary Samenzucht

15 - 18 June 2021

Activities 2020Benary Samenzucht

Virtual Tour for New Varieties at Benary in week 24
We're all in this together. COVID-19 made us create a different style and location of showcasing our new varieties.
In week 24 Benary is presenting a setup of all their new varieties in their home location in Hann. Münden, Germany.

Benary is taking videos for you of their new varieties. Those you can view whenever you find time. And – we are also offering individual live broadcasts during week 24. For those who are interested in getting an individual virtual tour through our new varieties please contact your area sales manager:

Next to brandnew BIG White, the outstanding Groovy series and Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner Amarillo Gold we are also presenting our new Celosia series Brainiac, new Sempervivum Hippie Chicks, another new Rudbeckia called Cheyenne Gold, new Funky colours, our semperflorens Begonia series Super Cool, as well as two fantastic colour additions to our popular tuberous Begonia series Nonstop®: Nonstop® Fire and Nonstop® Sunset.

Welcome to Benary in week 24: be it live in your individual virtual tour or through videos that will be posted in our playlist on YouTube in the coming weeks.

About usBenary Samenzucht

Benary is THE World Leading Begonia Specialist!
Renowned worldwide as a leader in Begonias, both tuberous and fibrous, Benary’s fine selected assortment includes some of the industry’s most sought after varieties in Pansies & Violas, Pentas, Petunias, Marigolds, and Rudbeckia, just to name a few.
Benary is active in three breeding facilities: USA, The Netherlands, and Germany. That brings us closer to you and your markets. Our main focus is on developing and selling flower varieties for the professional bedding plant market – bringing beauty to the world.
Our professional quality products are offered to growers through our wide network of distributors and brokers around the world.

Video teaser 2020Benary Samenzucht

Video impression 2019Benary Samenzucht

BIG - Begonia x benariensis F1
BIG - Begonia x benariensis F1
  • BIG – the most trusted begonia in its class. Period.
  • No more waiting – BIG White is here!
  • White Green Leaf is making a "BIG BANG"
  • Hot look for patio and landscape
  • Tested, trusted – a must-have
  • Extremely well branching with short internodes
  • Versatile and extremely heat tolerant
  • Plant in sun or shade
  • 8 great colours in the series
Groovy - Begonia boliviensis F1
Groovy - Begonia boliviensis F1
  • Get Groovy! – New series with 5 colours that rock the market
  • Multi-purpose Begonia with semi-trailing habit
  • Very uniform series across colors
  • Beautiful flower presentation
  • Clear vivid colours
  • Round mounded habit and shorter flower stems ease transport
  • Very uniform series with high germination rate and plug performance
Amarillo Gold - Rudbeckia hirta
Amarillo Gold - Rudbeckia hirta
  • Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner 2021
  • Treasure for pot and bedding plant sector
  • Seducing huge flowers on short stems
  • Same elegant look as Prairie Sun with more compact habit
  • Very well suited for pots, beddings and summer bouquets
  • Attracts bees and butterflies
  • The ideal gift item

Top 10 productsBenary Samenzucht

  1. BIG Begonia x benariensis F1
  2. Begonia tub. Nonstop® Joy - Trailing
  3. Begonia tub. Nonstop® / Nonstop® Mocca
  4. Begonia semperflorens Super Cool
  5. Begonia x hybrida Funky®
  1. Platycodon grandiflorus F1 Pop Star
  2. Rudbeckia h. Amarillo Gold & Cheyenne Gold
  3. Petunia x hyb.F1 SUCCESS! TR, HD & 360°
  4. Pentas lanceolata F1 Graffiti®
  5. Viola cornuta F1 Admire® series