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Schoneveld breeding

10 - 13 June 2025

About usSchoneveld breeding

We breed and produce a new generation of flowering pot plants that can be grown more sustainably. In this way we contribute to a flourishing future for next generations. We create extra value for all chain partners. We do this by supplying strong genetics, supporting cultivation processes and market introductions. In this way we work together on a higher return for the entire chain.

Highlights videoSchoneveld breeding

Illusia F1
Illusia F1
Truly special is our innovative Illusia F1. Coming soon in our assortment. The unique flower shape makes this a very striking and attractive product. It feels like the flower is looking at you! Details, like the little beard in the flower, make it a joy to look at. Illusia F1 is available in one colour ‘Light with Eye’ and for a 10,5 or 12 cm pot (12 cm preferred).

  • Innovative & unique
  • One of a kind flower shape
  • One colour: Light with Eye
Gerbera jamesonii Joybera F1
Gerbera jamesonii Joybera F1
We developed Gerbera Joybera with the usual carefulness you know of Schoneveld Breeding. Our breeders tested all available colours on aspects like usable and uniformity. The result is 8 stunning colours with amazing features. We are sure we can call Joybera the #1 most uniform Gerbera in growing and flowering. The plant gives 3 flowers immediately from the first flowering. And when talking about the shelf life, customers can be sure of a long time of joy.

  • Potsize 12 -15 cm
  • #1 Most uniform in growing & flowering
  • 3 flowers @first shot
  • Amazing shelf life
Cyclamen Super Serie Fusion F1
Cyclamen Super Serie Fusion F1
Cyclamen Super Serie Fusion F1 is available in midi and large flowered. The Fusion has flowers with an extraordinary colour type, the so called two-tone. The pattern exists out of two different colours in the same flower separated by a sharp line. The Fusion F1 Midi is suitable for the summer till autumn. The Fusion F1 Large is suitable for the autumn till winter.

  • The first large flowered in this two-tone color
  • Super Serie genetics
  • Strong sturdy stems

Top 10 productsSchoneveld breeding

  1. Illusia F1 (intro '24 - '25)
  2. Gerbera Joybera (intro '24 - '25)
  3. Gaultheria Ciao Bella (intro '24 - '25)
  4. Cyclamen Super Serie Fusion F1
  5. Cyclamen Super Serie Leopardo F1
  1. Cyclamen Super Serie Mammoth NextGen F1
  2. Cyclamen Super Serie Elegante F1 (intro '24 - '25)
  3. Primula obconica Touch Me
  4. Primula acaulis Paradiso
  5. Ranunculus asiaticus Sprinkles