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14 - 17 June 2022

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Visit PanAmerican Seed®: innovation in F1-hybrid flower breeding.
PanAmerican Seed® has been a world leading breeder and producer of F1 and open-pollinated flower seeds for over 60 years! The company specialized in annuals, perennials, potted plants, herbs & vegetables and cut flowers continuously strives to support growers and sales all the way to customer’s level. Reliability, consistency, and creativity are what PanAmerican Seed® stands for. We aim for great customer care to build on great, long-term relationships and cooperation’s with customers and partners. Find out more on PanAmerican Seed® via or follow our social media account!

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E3 Easy Wave – Easy, Efficient and Evolutionary!
E3 Easy Wave – Easy, Efficient and Evolutionary!
The newest Evolution in our Wave® assortment is our E3 Easy Wave and will boost your sales season even earlier than the Easy Wave. Growing at 10 hours day length, this easy plant offers a manageable, uniform plant structure and efficient production. As it grows on lower PGR’s it is extra ‘easy’ to grow a full and colourful plant.
Beautiful as you can expect from our Wave® products!
Leucanthemum White Lion – perfect under short days!
Leucanthemum White Lion – perfect under short days!
A one-of-a-kind evolution – Leucanthemum White Lion offers you the perfect solution in growing Leucanthemum. The only leucanthumum from seed by our Kieft® brand which is ideal for production with natural short days! A great addition to our pretty Leucanthemum Madonna. Growing Shasta from seeds gives all the advantages of growing from vegetative but with more flexibility and less risk!
Impatiens Beacon® Rose – Colour your garden
Impatiens Beacon® Rose – Colour your garden
Our evolutionary Impatiens Beacon® variety is going the extra mile! Bring back Impatiens in your production with our highly resistant to downy Mildew Impatiens Beacon®. Another colour has been added to the Beacon®-family: rose! This eye-catching colour blooms on a vigourous, well-branched plant. Find out more on how we use Beacon® to give back to society and how we help charities via:

Top 10 productsPanAmerican Seed

  1. Viola Sorbet® XP
  2. French Marigold Bonanza™
  3. Vinca Pacifica
  4. Petunia Easy Wave®
  5. Pansy Matrix®
  1. African Marigold Taishan®
  2. Impatiens Beacon®
  3. Gazania New Day®
  4. Begonia Dragon Wing®
  5. Osteospermum Akila®