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Koppe Begonia

10 - 13 June 2025

About usKoppe Begonia

Koppe, The Begonia Specialist.
Koppe Begonia is leading breeder and supplier of propagation material of Begonia. The Koppe range consists of indoor, outdoor & foliage begonias. Koppe’s propagation is distinguished by its large range of varieties. Our market share is growing steadily and demand from international growers for our cuttings is constantly rising.

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Begonia Hailey Yellow ®
Begonia Hailey Yellow ®
Begonia Hailey is known for its beautifull round shaped plants with an excellent yearround growing ability.

Hailey Yellow is a true yellow and the first introduction in yellow for a long time.

It does not only have a great consumer value , though it also has a short croptime.

Come and check it for yourself.
Begonia Mocca Orange ®
Begonia Mocca Orange ®
Begonia Mocca Orange®is a plant with dark orange flowers that contrast beautifully with its chocolate brown leaves. This makes it a true eyecatcher in any indoor space.

Begonia Mocca Orange® is an easy-growing begonia with great performance and a short crop time.
Begonia Halo ®
Begonia Halo ®
Begonia Halo is a revolution in RED Begonia.
  • Beautifull, rose shaped flowers
  • Early flowering (2 weeks faster than Baladin)
  • Full and round plants

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