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11 - 14 June 2024

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HilverdaFlorist B.V.
HilverdaFlorist focuses on the breeding, propagation and development of an extensive range of pot, patio and garden plants and cut flowers. This is done with a strong drive and focus on innovation. HilverdaFlorist is the supplier of high-quality young plant material suitable for every climate and cultivation requirements. The complete assortment in Pot & Garden Plants consists of: Dianthus, Alstroemeria, Echinacea, Salvia, Hellebore, Gerbera. The assortment in Cut Flowers is: Alstroemeria, Dianthus, Helleborus, Gerbera, Gipsophila, Limonium en Scabiosa.

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Salvia Salgoon®: 2023 is the year of the Salvia!
Salvia Salgoon®: 2023 is the year of the Salvia!
2023 is the year of the Salvia! The Salvia Salgoon® varieties by HilverdaFlorist are fast flowering vigorous Salvia plants with many side shoots and with many side shoots and colourful flowers.

In each variety the stems, foliage and flowers have a beautiful contrasting dark colour. This series grows uniformly and has a heavy bloom set.

The Salvia is a bee friendly plant, which contributes to an environmentally friendly garden. Salvia Salgoon® is a great garden performer, but suits a big planter as well.

New for 2024 are Lake Blueberry, Lake Como, Lake Onega Improved & Lake
Summer Paradise garden Alstroemeria
Summer Paradise garden Alstroemeria
The Summer Series® is the most vigorous garden perennial in the HilverdaFlorist Alstroemeria assortment. The Summer Alstroemeria will produce an unbroken display of flowers from May until November.

Every year the plant gets more vigorous, like a true superstar perennial. With the beautiful long stems the Summer Series® are ideal to pick flowers and create your own bouquet. The Summer Series is a true garden performer, but suits a big container just as well.

New for 2024 are Summer Chic and Summer Heat. Summer Chic has gorgeous bright purple flowers with a white eye, while Summer Heat has attractive large red
Discover Garvinea®!
Discover Garvinea®!
Garvinea® is the only true Garden Gerbera. With great weather tolerance, Garvinea® provides lots of happy colours from early spring until the first frost. This robust garden plant offers countless long-lasting flowers. Garvinea® attracts friendly pollinators such as bees and butterflies. At the same time it’s highly resistant to pests and diseases.

Garvinea® Cheeky has cute mini flowers and a high flower count. These varieties are suitable for cultivation in smaller pot sizes. Garvinea® Majestic and Garvinea® Sweet both have large long-lasting flowers, with the difference that the Majestic flowers are double flowered!

New for 2024 are Garvinea® Sweet Maggie, Garvinea® Sweet Blaze and Garvinea® Cheeky Hot

Top 10 productsHilverdaFlorist

  1. Gerbera Garvinea® Sweet Series
  2. Dianthus Flow® Series
  3. Salvia Salgoon® Series
  4. Alstroemeria Inticancha® Series
  5. Echinacea MOOODZ® Series
  1. Dianthus Sunflor® Series
  2. Gerbera Patio Gerbera Series
  3. Gerbera Flori Line® Series
  4. Alstroemeria Summer Paradise Series
  5. Dianthus Beauties® Series