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Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

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Cohen Propagation Nurseries

10 - 13 June 2025

About usCohen Propagation Nurseries

Cohen Propagation Nurseries Ltd.
Cohen Propagation Nurseries is a family business, specialized in producing unrooted cuttings of bedding and basket plants for export. Cohen is located in the center of Israel and spread over 2 separate farms in Kfar Hanagid and Nir Hen.
Please make sure to visit our new website with an all-new ordering system -
Looking forward to seeing you in Israel, or meet us at one of the following events –
  • California Spring Trials (USA)
  • Flowers Trials (Holland)
  • HTA Show (UK)
  • IPM Essen (Germany)

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Company videoCohen Propagation Nurseries

Calibrachoa Caliloco Starfire Blue
Calibrachoa Caliloco Starfire Blue
Bred by Westhoff.
New introduction with unique colors.
The Caliloco series brings the same kind of diversity and selection of Crazytunias to Calibrachoas!
Petunia Tumbelina Compact Nicola
Petunia Tumbelina Compact Nicola
Bred by Kerley.
Classic double trailing petunias with good pot performance.
Excellent weather resistance, medium-early flowering.
Many varieties are fragrant.
Argyranthemum Grandaisy Yellow
Argyranthemum Grandaisy Yellow
Bred by Suntory.
Impressive flower size and vigorous plant. Produce for early spring through late spring sales.
Early flowering with upright habits.

Top 10 productsCohen Propagation Nurseries

  1. Vinca Major Variagata
  2. Vinca Minor Bowles
  3. Petunia Surfinia Purple
  4. Petunia Surfinia Hot Pink
  5. Lobelia Hot Waterblue
  1. Petunia Surfinia Deep Red
  2. Petunia Surfinia White
  3. Ipomoea Marguerite
  4. Scaevola Surdiva Deep Blue Violet
  5. Petunia Surfinia Giant Purple