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Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

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Beekenkamp Plants BV

10 - 13 June 2025

About usBeekenkamp Plants BV

Beekenkamp Plants BV is passionate breeder and young plant producer in pot and bedding plants.
Beekenkamp Plants B.V. is a breeder of pot and bedding plants, such as Pericallis, Verbena, Begonia, Dahlia, Poinsettia, Lavendula, Campanula and Celosia. In addition, Beekenkamp is a leader in many crops, including Cyclamen, Helianthus, Primula, Platycodon and tropical plants & grasses from seed. We surprise you with new, innovative products and brands such as: POP, Sunny, the new Alfresco hobbyvegetables range and Begonia Spacestars.

Beekenkamp distinguishes itself by being and remaining a 100% family business where service, innovation, quality and commitment are of paramount importance.

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Pericallis POP
Pericallis POP
With Pericallis POP, there are no surprises; each plant grows uniformly, providing consistency throughout the series. And thanks to its excellent branching and outstanding foliage, this breeding is superior to what you’re accustomed to. We offer a complete series that redefines standards and brings innovation to the
Pericallis market. Steal the spotlight with Pericallis POP as one of the few colourful options during the sales season, which also boasts a blooming period of up to 4 months. Want to grow in cooler conditions? No problem with this series; it thrives effortlessly at lower temperatures (from 4 degrees Celsius).
Sunny Osteospermum
Sunny Osteospermum
Sunny Osteospermum is a well-known in the market! Beekenkamp presents more than 5 new numbers with unique colors during the Flower Trials 2024. The house style has also been given a new look and is therefore even more attractive for pot or label printing, for example.

Be surprised by the expansion of the Sunny range during Flower Trials 2023 at Beekenkamp Plants.
Verbena Fuerte
Verbena Fuerte
Be the first to discover our introduction Verbena with 8 NEW numbers and a corporate identity and marketing story that you cannot miss! Discover, taste and feast your eyes on this colorful presentation. Soon more .....

Top 10 productsBeekenkamp Plants BV

  1. Pericallis POP
  2. Verbena Fuerte
  3. Alfresco
  4. Dreams Begonia
  5. Spacestars Begonia
  1. Kelos Celosia
  2. Sunny Osteospermum
  3. LaBella Dahlia
  4. Campala Campanula
  5. Tea Petunia