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10 - 13 June 2025

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Anthura - Creating blooming happiness
We bring passion to bloom! Expertise, development and collaboration make our breeding a leader in sustainability, vigor and innovation. Anthuriums, Phalaenopsis and Bromeliads find their way from inspired growers to the hearts of people worldwide.  It's in our DNA to constantly raise the bar. Through powerful collaboration with each other and our environment, we remain at the forefront of the development of flowering plants. Only together can we create blooming happiness, by making the world more beautiful and allowing everyone, everywhere, to enjoy orchids, anthuriums and bromeliads. Welcome to our blooming world, where passion and science come together to create blooming happiness.

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Phalaenopsis Manta® Palau
Phalaenopsis Manta® Palau
The intense warm yellow colour of Manta® Palau is downright unique and makes the variety a truly special appearance.

In addition, this plant performs very well for the colour yellow in terms of percentage with two spikes and number of flowers. A shelf life of more than 9 weeks for the colour yellow and the upright position of the leaves put this variety at the top.

Manta Palau is part of the Manta® More series: the ‘Next Generation’ Orchid. The lip of the Manta More is larger, which makes the appearance of the orchid impressive. It is more vigorous, more open and flatter; in short, a plant with a confident
Banderola® series
Banderola® series
A new, graceful and refined Anthurium segment, ready to grow with tomorrow's generation.

The flowers are like graceful ribbons and flow together with the leaves in perfect harmony. These playful and sophisticated plants bring forth a wave of flowers. Timeless elegance in the colours red and white. Proud to present Banderola®. Indeed, this new segment within Anthurium pot plants has a promising future!

The Banderola® segment has excellent internal features. Producing a wave of flowers, these Anthuriums are unique for their exuberant bloom and tolerance for cold environments. Beautiful in large pot sizes but also highly suitable for smaller sizes. Timeless elegance in the colours red and
Anthurium cut flower Fortezza
Anthurium cut flower Fortezza
The origin of the name Fortezza® is fortress or rock. This novelty not only has a strong and beautiful name but also exudes power through its green and red colour.

Because of its predominantly green colour, the flower can be used in many colour combinations in floral arrangements. The combination of shape (cup-shaped) and colour makes Fortezza suitable for use in both bouquets and arrangements.

The ability to produce longer stems, production figures of over 100 units per square metre, and a verified cold tolerance at 7°C (48-hour transport phase) make this cup-shaped flower a must-have for growers and florists

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