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14 - 17 June 2022

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Anthura - Unlimited in Varieties, offering unlimited possibilities
Anthura is expert in breeding and production of Orchids and Anthurium. Many years of focus on innovative and sustainable product development resulted in an unlimited variation of colourful varieties. Every day we challenge ourselves to create new Anthura varieties, offering unlimited possibilities.

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Small the next BIG thing
Small the next BIG thing
After strong growth in the 9 cm pot segment in recent years, the pot sizes of 6 cm and 7 cm are now also gaining popularity. This also applies to Orchids and Anthuriums.

Smaller pot sizes are more suitable for new and alternative positions in the house than the usual 12 cm pot. In addition, thanks to better varieties and better cultivation in smaller pots, consumers get as much ornamental value for their money nowadays as they did 10 years ago with a larger pot. Smaller pot sizes are also more suitable for adding value and for processing into planting
Anthurium pot plant Micra
Anthurium pot plant Micra
This Anthurium pot plant novelty with red heart-shaped flowers is small, strong and tolerant to both cold and heat. With the red flowers above the foliage and the compact shape, Micra® is a nice addition to the range for small pot sizes.

The compact bushy growth, abundance of flowers and speed of flowering mean that Micra can be grown in pot sizes 6, 7 and 9 cm, even with one plug.

The colour remains on the flower for a very long time. Micra can be classified in the category fast flowering, which is an important advantage for the range of small pot
Phalaenopsis Anthura Bolgheri
Phalaenopsis Anthura Bolgheri
The new variety Anthura Bolgheri brings the rich, authentic Italian life into your home. This beautiful phalaensopsis pot plant is fragrant in addition to a beautiful appearance. The plant smells slightly sweet when the sun shines on it.

Anthura Bolgheri has a warm orange colour and is richly branched. In addition, the variety has a very good shelf life and continues to flower. The unique combination of properties makes this novelty a must-have for every plant lover.

  • Fragrant!
  • Warm orange color.
  • Very good shelf life (> 20 wk) and continues to flower at the consumer

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