Aalsmeer Region Participants 2016

Volmary GmbH

14 - 17 June 2016

Volmary ® plant brand concept
Volmary ® plant brand concept
  • The premium marketing concept for the garden retailers throughout Europe
  • Fresh, modern design that appeals to consumers and stand out from the mass market
  • Coherent Multi-color design concept, harmony in the pot and label colors with the plants
  • Very best varieties and quality grades for full enjoyment
Soul Plants ® plant brand concept
Soul Plants ® plant brand concept
  • The marketing concept for the European food retailing
  • Plant lifestyle concept at the highest level for high sell point of sale
  • Soul Food® - Herbs and vegetables for garden and soul
Soul Flowers® - flowers for garden and soul
Fruit vegetable tasting
Fruit vegetable tasting
  • We offer a first class range of aromatic and robust tasting vegetables that you can use for the production of hobby vegetable plants
  • Try our delicious gourmet varieties in the range of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers
  • Our high-quality varieties are also part of the successful Volmary Plants brand concept for the European garden retailers

Top 10 productsVolmary GmbH

  1. Bidens 'Pink Princess'
  2. Begonia 'Belina Orange'
  3. Calendula 'Winter Wonders'
  4. Fuchsia 'Fuchsita® XL'
  5. Impatiens 'SunPatiens'
  1. Thunbergia 'Arizona Lemon Sunrise'
  2. Ipomoea 'Erato®' - Sweet Potatoe
  3. Pepper 'Lubega® Mini' – Sweet Mini Pepper
  4. Tomato 'Solena® Red' – Nectar Cherry Tomato
  5. Mix a herb 'Barbeque Gold' – 3 herbs in one pot