Volmary GmbH

9 - 12 June 2015

Volmary ® plant brand concept
Volmary ® plant brand concept
  • The premium marketing concept for the garden retailers throughout Europe
  • Fresh, modern design that appeals to consumers and stand out from the mass market
  • Coherent Multi-color design concept, harmony in the pot and label colors with the plants
  • Very best varieties and quality grades for full enjoyment
Soul Plants ® plant brand concept
Soul Plants ® plant brand concept
  • The marketing concept for the European food retailing
  • Plant lifestyle concept at the highest level for high sell point of sale
  • Soul Food® - Herbs and vegetables for garden and soul
Soul Flowers® - flowers for garden and soul
Fruit vegetable tasting
Fruit vegetable tasting
  • We offer a first class range of aromatic and robust tasting vegetables that you can use for the production of hobby vegetable plants
  • Try our delicious gourmet varieties in the range of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers
  • Our high-quality varieties are also part of the successful Volmary Plants brand concept for the European garden retailers