Aalsmeer Region Participants 2017

Volmary GmbH

13 - 16 June 2017

About usVolmary GmbH

Volmary - We are family!
Volmary GmbH is a completely independent family business in the horticulture sector and a leading European plant breeding company with localised sales and production facilities. We are a strong, innovative partner in professional horticulture as well as providing innovation on behalf of our customers to garden centres and food retailers.
We are active and successful in the following areas:
• The production and distribution of young plants of flowers, ornamentals and vegetables from seeds and cuttings
• The production and marketing of seeds for flowers, ornamentals, vegetables and fruits
• Sales and distribution of vegetable bulbs and starting material
• Research and development in Plant breeding of ornamentals and vegetables
• The development of the plant brands Volmary® Plants, Kiepenkerl® Profi-Line® Plants and Soul Plants®

Video impression 2016Volmary GmbH

Volmary® plant brand
Volmary® plant brand
• The premium marketing concept for garden retailers across Europe
• Fresh and modern designs that appeal to consumers and stand out from mass market plants sales
• Coherent and colourful design concepts, harmonising pots and labels with the plant
• Premium quality varieties that provide good value and ensure consumer
Verbena x peruviana 'Vectura®'
Verbena x peruviana 'Vectura®'
• An early blooming premium series exclusive to Volmary
• All colours have a uniform, flat-topped, spherical habit
• The brightly coloured flowers cover the entire plant for maximum impact
• Dark green, finely feathered foliage providing good pot
Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) 'Erato®'
Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) 'Erato®'
• An excellent sweet potato, providing beautiful flavour that awaken our flavour senses
• Recommended for production in both greenhouses and yields well enough for open field production

Erato® Orange
An intensely orange-fleshed sweet potato with bright red skin
Erato® White
Crispy, white-fleshed sweet potato with large, oval

Top 10 productsVolmary GmbH

  1. Argyranthemum frutescens 'Aramis®'
  2. Begonia boliviensis 'Bellavista®'
  3. Dahlia x hortensis 'Lubega® XL'
  4. Fuchsia x hybrida 'Fuchsita®'
  5. Verbena x peruviana 'Vectura®'
  1. Grafted vegetables
  2. Herb Trios 'Mix a Herb®' - 3 herbs in 1 pot
  3. Sweet Potatoe 'Erato®'
  4. New hot chilis
  5. Rubus 'Ruby Beauty' & Peaches 'Fruit Me®'