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Jaldety Plant Propagation Nurseries

11 t/m 14 juni 2024

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Jaldety Plant Propagation Nursery
Jaldety Propagation Nurseries are a family-owned business producing and supplying a colorful range of niche perennials and annual cuttings. Our propagation programs are designed to supply cuttings on a year-round basis and focus on both year-round quality assurance and on attentiveness to the needs of our customers. Jaldety operates 2 production sites in Israel, for export only and offers cuttings from more than 450 different varieties from open and private stock. Private stock services are provided to all our customers assuring solutions to all customer needs.

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Setcreasea Zebrina Bourdeaux
Setcreasea Zebrina Bourdeaux
Bold and colorful showy zebra patterned foliage.
Striped purplish, green and bourdeaux leaves on dark stems.
Excellent foliage power effect inhouse and garden spaces, in hanging baskets and boxes, big containers.
Contrasting small ground covers, fillers, informal planting, beds, rock gardens, gently crawl over stones and other hardscape elements.
Low growing, dense, trailing habit.
Heat and drought tolerant, easy to grow, low maintenance..
Gazania Sunme Orange
Gazania Sunme Orange
Super flower color impact for a long season.
Blooms repeatedly all year in warm climates, from early spring to autumn in colder climates.
Ideal for drought, heat and wind tolerance, attracts bees and butterflies, easy to grow.
Low growing perennial, mounding, compact habit, dense clumps.
Perfect for mass planting, water wise garden planting, bedding, edging, front of a border, rock gardens, seaside gardens, containers for patio and decks.
Hemigraphis Purple Waffle
Hemigraphis Purple Waffle
Evergreen perennial, grown for their unique showy foliage!
Rich metallic purple- green tinted leaves with waffle like texture.
Grow easily and low maintenance plants.
Adds a decorator and colorful touch inhouse, out in the garden and any outdoor spaces.
Perfect hanging baskets, great for small or big pots for sunny spots indoors or partly shaded patios and decks. Good color impact as a small group planting in the garden.
Low growing and dense habit.

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  2. Calocephalus Silver Stone
  3. Coleus Gay's Delight
  4. Gaura Pink
  5. Gazania Beda
  1. Iresine Cherry
  2. Salvia Royal Bumble
  3. Sedum Majestic Kiss
  4. Senecio Orange Flame
  5. Thunbergia Orange Diverse