Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

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Graff Breeding

13 t/m 16 juni 2023

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Visiting Graff, you will experience Mediterranean breed plants, quality grown finish plants and a trusted partner in stock management.
Graff Breeding is today a leading breeding company of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. Since our introduction of HibisQs® in 2009, we have enlarged our breeding to focus on plants suitable for the Mediterranean growers / consumers with our consumer brands: HibisQs®, Q-ismas Star®, Q-deville® and Q-dula®.

Graff Growing is a leading hibiscus grower and hibiscus young plant supplier in Europe of HibisQs®. Quality and retail focus are paramount for the company, and it will be for years to come

Graff Young Plants represent products from different breeders and sees itself as your trusted partner in stock management.

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is a new and improved series of dipladenia/ Mandeville which is known for its garden performances and its ability to stay compacted under normal growing.
Through breeding within dipladenia mandevilla we are targeting;

  • Natural compact varieties (stills have varieties for vining - just ask)
  • Varieties that are stiff and upright in their growth - no need for support
  • Big colorful and decorated buds and flowers
  • Plants that can handle the hard summer in warm areas (Spain, Japan, Florida) and the mild climate in the northern part (Canada, Scandinavia), and still be able to beautifully bloom till the end of season.
Q-ismas Star®
Q-ismas Star®
Through breeding, we are trying to change the perception of Poinsettia and to increase the younger generation interest. Beside this, we as a new Poinsettia breeding company are still focusing on following characteristics as well;

  • Longer lasting shelf life both at consumer and retail**
  • Different look, colors and shapes
  • Popular color combination (One variety – in many colors)
  • Easy compact growth, V-shape, well branching and strong in transportation
  • All are suitable for pot size 6 and 15cm – creating a unique and eye-catching look
** Graff Breeding and our variety Q-ismas Crunch® have been awarded twice (2014/15 and 2015/16), at the Dutch Flora Holland LTO Poinsettia Award
The latest product that have inspired us and our breeding work, is Lavender, and we are happy to announce, the introduction of our first Lavandula Stoechas Q-dula® Purple Eternity.
Our lavender is characteristic by the following.

  • Uniformity and plant health
  • Continuously flowering / re-blooming
  • Consumer / garden value
  • Transport capability
  • Strong up-right growth
  • Suitable for pot 9cm and up
  • Suitable for Patio Combinations