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Graff Breeding

11 t/m 14 juni 2024

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Visiting Graff, you will experience Mediterranean breed plants.
Blooming, Passion, Perfection, and Innovation since 1930.
We are continuously inspired by nature, its shapes, and colors, and we trust in our ability to bring forth its many jewels through our breeding. This great passion brings awareness to us all, as we know the coexistence with nature is an inevitable and giving part of life. Being part of the process of breeding beautiful living plants brings so much satisfaction, and our hope is to share this joy with others.
Graff Breeding is now a leading breeding company of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. Since introducing HibisQs® in 2009, we have enlarged our breeding focus to include Blooming Tropicals suitable for Mediterranean growers and consumers, with our consumer brands: HibisQs®, Qismas Star®, Qdeville®, and Qdula®.

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Qdeville® represents a new Graff line of genetically improved Mandevilla, known for its garden performances and its ability to stay compact. Through breeding, our team has developed a unique series under the tradename Qdeville®, targeting:

Natural compact varieties (still have varieties for vining - just ask).
Varieties that are stiff and upright in their growth (no need for support)
Big colorful and decorated buds and flowers.
Hardy selections that can handle summers in warm and humid areas (Spain, Japan & Florida) and the mild climate in the northern part (Canada & Scandinavia) and still be able to beautifully bloom till the end of the
HibisQs® is a line of genetically improved Hibiscus varieties that are grown professionally worldwide. Our skilled team, in partnership with Mother Nature, has carefully selected and developed this unique series of Hibiscus with both commercial and consumer requirements in mind. The varieties are divided into four categories:

Qte® is our selection specifically bred and selected for smaller pots (8-11cm) and combinations.
BeautiQ® is our selection specifically bred for their exceptional beauty and longer-lasting colorful flowers (12-16cm pots).
PatiQ® is our selection specifically bred and selected for bigger pots (17cm and up). The varieties standout with its strong stem, rich branching, and its medium to big flowers.
pinoQio® is a unique hibiscus series that stands out with small flowers but rich
Qdula® is a Bee and Butterfly friendly – Mosquito repellent series within Lavender, and is the latest product that have inspired us and our breeding work. Both our Angustifolia and Stoechas are characteristic by the following:

Uniformity and plant health
Continuously flowering / re-blooming
Consumer / garden value
Transport capability
Strong up-right growth
Suitable for pot 9cm and up
Suitable for Patio

Top 10 productenGraff Breeding

  1. HibisQs® Adonicus (Single & Double)
  2. HibisQs® Apollo (Single & Double)
  3. HibisQs® Cato
  4. Qismas® Bond
  5. Qismas® Light
  1. Qdeville® Ainia
  2. Qdeville® Samba
  3. Qdeville ® Marpe
  4. Qdula® Stoechas Purple Eternity
  5. Qdula® Angustifolia Jupiter