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Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

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KP Holland

11 au 14 juin 2024

À propos de nousKP Holland

KP Holland - plant excellence
La sélection, la propagation et la production des plus belles plantes sont dans nos gènes. Au sein des Spathiphyllum, Kalanchoe et Curcuma, nous visons toujours le plus haut possible. Nous recherchons l'excellence des plantes (plant excellence).
En tant qu'obtenteur florissant de plantes, nous savons quels sont les critères souhaitables, importants et même essentiels pour obtenir et vendre les meilleurs produits. Notre objectif est de permettre aux cultivateurs de mieux se positionner sur le marché grâce à notre génétique.

Vidéo nouveautésKP Holland

Vidéo d'entrepriseKP Holland

Rosalina Kalanchoe series
Rosalina Kalanchoe series
Since the 1990s, our breeders have made countless crosses with the semi-desert plant from Madagascar; Kalanchoe. The most special colors and flower shapes passed by. The result is an extremely strong and colorful double-flowered, single-flowered and double-coloured assortment; the basis for the Rosalina breed.

Our focus:
Optimal balance between volume, shape and size. The Rosalina range has an evenly filled umbel and compact dark leaves. Our varieties are extremely strong. In our breeding, the focus is on 2022-2025 resilient varieties and on aesthetics; new shapes and colors.
Spathiphyllum Cupido series
Spathiphyllum Cupido series
More than 30 years of expertise in the breeding and production of Spathiphyllum, has resulted in a uniform and successful range. Our Cupido genetics are a favorite in the assortment of growers and retailers worldwide. Distinctive by the bright white flowers and deep dark green leaves and as far as we're concerned: pollen-free!

Our focus:
Air-purifying and pollen-free
Beautiful houseplants with a good structure and bright white flowers that are also very easy to care for; the Cupid range has it all. The beautiful deep green leaves with flowers in different sizes are suitable for growing in different pot sizes. Our focus is on the development of pollen-free varieties.
Curcuma Siam series
Curcuma Siam series
In 1990 Jan van der Knaap (1925-2010) discovered the beauty of the Curcuma in Thailand. This was the start of unraveling the cultivation of a completely new product for the Western world. Which today has led to a uniform Siam range of high quality. Easy to grow in different pot sizes and even different color shades.

Our focus:
Well planable tissue product
The Siam series is a tissue culture product. This means that every piece of starting material contains exactly the same genetics, guaranteeing quality and uniformity. Siam Curcuma is extremely strong and therefore hardly susceptible to diseases and pests. In our breeding, the focus is on the aesthetics of the plant and its applicability in different cultivation systems.

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