Westland Region Participants 2019

Jonge Planten Grünewald

11 - 14 June 2019

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Continuity is paying off
Continuity is paying off. Our New Entries have already a long way behind before they are being introduced commercially - with an in- and external testing program we are making sure, that only varieties are being introduced, which can be produced easily by the grower and guarantee a long lasting joy at the end consumer.

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Lobelia 'Suntropics'
Lobelia 'Suntropics'
Lobelia Suntropics is the ideal Lobelia for the summer as Suntropics takes the heat better than regular Lobelia and therefore guarantees more satisfaction. With medium growth habit and early flowering Lobelia Suntropics are ideally suitable for plant combinations.
Thunbergia 'Sunny Susy'Beetractive
Thunbergia 'Sunny Susy'Beetractive
You say Thunbergia and actually mean Sunny Susy – not without any reason Sunny Susy is market leader in the Thunbergia market. Last year we introduced three more varieties successfully, which are completing our commercial assortment with 9 varieties.
Pelargonium `Summerpearls`
Pelargonium `Summerpearls`
With the introduction of Pelargonium under the trademark 'Summerpearls' we are completing our high quality bedding- and balcony assortment.
We are offering: Interspecific, Zonale and Peltatum. Your special attention we would like to point to the 5 interspecific varieties which are very homogenous in growth and all in flower within a window of one week.

Top 10 productsJonge Planten Grünewald

  1. Calocephalus Silvercalos
  2. Sunny Susy Thunbergia
  3. Checkies Mixes
  4. Sweet Pleasure Petunia
  5. Chameletunia Petunia
  1. Summermelody Fuchsias
  2. Sweet Bells Calibrachoa
  3. Honeybees Argyranthemum
  4. Sanvitos Sanvitalia
  5. Sunnybees Dianthus