Aalsmeer Region Participants 2020

Hem Genetics

9 - 12 June 2020

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Hem Genetics | "Low Grow Approved"
Hem Genetics breeds, develops and markets both seed- and vegetatively raised ornamental pot and bedding plant varieties for the professional grower market. Hem Genetics has developed highly successful varieties which require less or no plant growth regulators (PGRs). These genetic dwarf varieties are marked as "Low Grow Approved” in our assortment and include Petunia Limbo, Mambo, Geranium Nano and Salvia Reddy. No or reduced use of plant growth regulators (PGRs) is not only financially beneficial to professional growers, but also enables them to take a step forward in sustainable cultivation of plants. In combination with the creation of novel ornamental varieties, Hem Genetics continues to apply similar concepts in its breeding activities that will contribute to a greater awareness of sustainable applications in our industry.

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Dianthus F1 Diana 'loving white'
Dianthus F1 Diana 'loving white'
The world-famous Dianthus chinensis Diana series combines earliness and compact plant habit with large single flowers in a wide range of colours. Planted in containers or the garden, it continues to form masses of large blooms on a low growing plant. The series is now being extended with 'loving white', which has white flowers with a pink blush and a magenta-crimson center. The series now consists of thirteen colours and four​new-series-and-colours
F1 Patio Tomato Plumbrella™
F1 Patio Tomato Plumbrella™
Plumbrella™ represents brand new genetics in patio tomatoes. The plum-shaped fruits of this determinate patio tomato develop above the leaves and spread like a blanket over the foliage, giving a striking presentation at point of sale. Both the plant and its leaves are very heat tolerant. Growth and fruiting habit make it the ideal varieties to produce either in 12-16 cm/4-6 in. pots or small containers, or to use in mixed planters. With their maximum height of 35 cm/14 in., Plumbrella™ plants feature a nice dwarf and compact habit. Plumbrella™ tomatoes are available in four attractive colours: red, orange, creamy-yellow, rosy-pink and a mixture.
Exclusive distribution in Europe by Graines​new-series-and-colours
Vinca F1 Solar Avalanche 'blueberry'
Vinca F1 Solar Avalanche 'blueberry'
The compact and well branched habit and large flowers with wide, overlapping petals make Vinca F1 Solar Avalanche the perfect choice for production in packs and pots. Its trailing habit as it matures makes it ideal for use in hanging baskets and mixed containers as the trailing component.
Solar Avalanche plants are top summer survivors. The series is now complemented by 'blueberry' with its attractive lavender flowers with a deep magenta​new-series-and-colours

Top 10 productsHem Genetics

  1. Petunia Limbo/Mambo *GP*
  2. Salvia Reddy
  3. Dianthus Diana
  4. Antirrhinum Twinny
  5. Geranium Nano
  1. Pansy Cello
  2. Ageratum Aloha
  3. Viola Corina
  4. Vinca Heatwave
  5. Vinca Solar