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11 - 14 June 2019

About usEvanthia

Evanthia is a young, dynamic and innovative company that boasts in-depth experience in a wide range of fields. Within just a short space of time, our high-quality products have made us an established player in the horticulture industry
Evanthia is market leader in the pot sunflower market with two AGM award-winning Sunsation® varieties and market leader in Western Europe with our cut Celosia Act series.
Evanthia’s main product groups are:
• Cut flowers
• Pot and bedding plants
• Rooted and unrooted cuttings
• Tropical seeds and plants
• Seed technology
At Evanthia we specialise in constantly developing new varieties and safeguarding the quality of our existing cultivars. Helping our customers grow and market the product is another of our core tasks. Quality in all aspects is the value underpinning everything we do.
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Helianthus 'Sunsation® Yellow F1'
Helianthus 'Sunsation® Yellow F1'
Owing to its compact growth, Sunsation® Yellow is ideal for commercial production. Its short cultivation period enables this variety to be grown in many different conditions. The dark yellow colour of the pollen-free flowers against the dark green foliage make Sunsation® Yellow a best-seller. This variety won the prestigious AGM Award in the RHS plant trials in the UK, coming out best in class in a comparison trial involving more than 100 sunflower cultivars. All this goes to make the Sunsation® series the no. 1 choice for both grower and consumer!
Helianhus 'Sunsation® Flame F1'
Helianhus 'Sunsation® Flame F1'
Flame, a bicolour variant that is also part of the Sunsation® series, is relatively unknown in Western Europe but extremely popular in South America. The bicolour pattern on this pollen-free flower is distinctively recognisable. This variety, with its very regular flower markings and attractive dark green leaf colour is a true stunner! With its compact growth and short cultivation period, Sunsation® Flame is ideal for commercial production. The growing habit of Flame is the same as of its sister variety Sunsation® Yellow. All this goes to make the Sunsation® series the no. 1 choice for both grower and consumer!
Helianthus 'Sunsation® Lemon F1'
Helianthus 'Sunsation® Lemon F1'
Sunsation® Lemon features the same compact growth and dark green foliage as its Sunsation® stablemates. It is pollen-free and has a neat, compact habit. Thanks to its short cultivation period, Sunsation® Lemon is ideal for commercial production. Like Sunsation® Yellow, Lemon also won the prestigious AGM award at the RHS trials in the UK. Its flowering and presentation in the field throughout the season are exceptional and outclasses the other sunflowers in the comparison trial. All this goes to make the Sunsation® series the no. 1 choice for both grower and consumer!

Top 10 productsEvanthia

  1. Helianthus Sunsation®
  2. Bellis Mars
  3. Bacopa Arusha
  4. Sanvatalia Sunstar
  5. Helychrisum Silver Super Compact
  1. Monstera
  2. Strelitzia
  3. Asparagus
  4. Celosia
  5. Brassica Empire