Aalsmeer Region Participants 2020

Decock Plants BVBA

9 - 12 June 2020

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Quality young plant producer
Decock Plants is a steadily growing company. We specialize in the production of young plants (Pelargonium, Bedding Plants, Dipladenia, Herbs, Lavandula) and have become one of the leading companies in this market. High-quality cuttings thanks to our wealth of knowledge and expertise. Recently we launched our own breeding lines which are the Osteospermum Gelato - series and the Lavandula Stoechas Fantasia - series.
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Lavandula stoechas Fantasia Early Purple
Lavandula stoechas Fantasia Early Purple
Lavandula Stoechas Fantasia Early Purple is the result of a driven and professional breeding program.
Unique on the market due to its early flowering. Intensive re-flowering.
The color splendor can not be matched because of its unique and intense purple. Environmentally friendly due to its attraction to bees. Both usable in small and large pot sizes.
Gets very well received on the market due to its extended shelf life.

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Osteospermum Gelato Cranberry
Osteospermum Gelato Cranberry
Osteospermum Gelato Cranberry is one of the Gelato series developed with an eye for the end consumer.
Guaranteed continious flowering
Gives the consumer a product that he will enjoy all summer.
As a grower, the Gelato series are easy to grow because of their uniformity within the colours.

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Mentha Spicata Decock
Mentha Spicata Decock
Our breeders are not only concerned with new species... Because of the experience concerning the selection of clones, Mentha Spicata Decock is one of our results that we consider unique. The uniformity and vitality makes Mentha Spicata Decock a topper among the Mentha Spicata's.

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