Aalsmeer Region Participants 2018

Cohen Propagation Nurseries

12 - 15 June 2018

About usCohen Propagation Nurseries

Cohen Propagation Nurseries Ltd.
Cohen Propagation Nurseries is a family business, specialized in producing unrooted cuttings of bedding and basket plants for export. Cohen is located in the center of Israel and spread over 3 different farms in Kfar Hanagid, Gderot and Nir Hen.
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Please come and visit us in Israel, or meet us at one of the following events –
April 2017 – California Spring Trials (USA) - NEW LOCATION IN LOS ALAMOS
June 2017 – Flowers Trials (Holland)
July 2017 – Cultivate (USA)
September 2017 – Four Oaks (UK)
January 2018 - IMP Essen (Germany)

Video impression 2017Cohen Propagation Nurseries

Bacopa Secrets Bomba Blue Sky
Bacopa Secrets Bomba Blue Sky
First introduction in season 2016-2017.
Bred by Breier in Israel exclusively for Cohen.
Huge flower size, comparable to Calibrachoa.
Good basal branching and easy to root.
Perfect growth habits for finished plants in larger pots and baskets.
Bidens Bee Yellow Red Center
Bidens Bee Yellow Red Center
New for 2017-2018.
Bred by Florsaika in Japan.
Introduction of 6 beautiful varieties that were added to the existing Bee range, which consists of 5 varieties bred by Breier.
Great basal branching in all the varieties.
All the varieties have different growth habits and different flower sizes for all growing purposes.
Dianthus Devine Basket Neon Purple
Dianthus Devine Basket Neon Purple
First introduction in season 2015-2016.
Bred by Breier in Israel exclusively for Cohen.
This series of pot Carnation is available in a large and diverse color range with different flower shapes.
Equal growth, foliage and flowering time in the main colors.
Supply of fresh un-rooted cuttings on a weekly basis.

Top 10 productsCohen Propagation Nurseries

  1. Vinca Major Var
  2. Petunia Surfinia Purple
  3. Calibrachoa Celebration Indigo
  4. Calibrachoa Celebration Sun
  5. Calibrachoa Celebration Red
  1. Petunia Surfinia Hot Pink
  2. Petunia Surfinia White
  3. Petunia Surfinia Deep Red
  4. Ipomoea Marguerite
  5. Fuchsia Dark Eyes