Aalsmeer Region Participants 2020


9 - 12 June 2020

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Young plants
Brandkamp is a family owned, innovative young plants company since 55 years. The success based on the cultivation of chrysanthemums and bedding plants and on the production of young plants. The mother plants grown in Kenya and Uganda.
The main company is located in the Westphalian Anholt. The young plants are rooted there and half-finished plants are produced on almost 4ha. The own tissue culture laboratory ensures the health of the mother plants.
The breeding and evaluation of new varieties take place in Anholt every year very carefully. So Brandkamp can ensure that they can offer a modern range that reflects the trend of the market.

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Fuchsia Jollies Trailing
Fuchsia Jollies Trailing
Fuchsia Jollies are now the synonym of a modern fuchsia. Even the hanging types of the Jollies Trailing varieties convince in their growth and great colors. New this year are Jollies Trailing Grenoble, Jollies Trailing Rodez and Jollies Trailing Florac.Fuchsia Jollies La Grande
Tropic Lantana
Tropic Lantana
The successful Lantanen "Tropic Lantana" received for 2019 two new varieties. Bamboo (yellow) and Ara (pink) complete the tropical range. Like all Tropic Lantanas they convince by a perfect compact growth as well as an early and long lasting flowering.Tropic Lantana
Cut Chrysanthemum Lhasa
Cut Chrysanthemum Lhasa
The new Cut-Chrysanthemum Lhasa from the Asia-Cut-Mum series is a beautiful clear white and filled-flowering variety with a fresh, green center. It has a response time of 8 weeks and is almost resistant to thrips.Cut Chrysanthemums Colombo

Top 10 productsBrandkamp

  1. Jollies Trailing
  2. Tropic Lantana
  3. Cut Chrysanthemum Lhasa
  4. Bransmart Multiflora Family
  5. Solfaro Pelargonien upright
  1. Fuchsia Jollies Revel
  2. Dalitza Line
  3. Solfaro Pelargonien hanging
  4. Cut-Chrysanthemum Kibo
  5. Pot Chrysanthemum Bali