Westland Region Participants 2019

Beekenkamp Plants BV

11 - 14 June 2019

About usBeekenkamp Plants BV

Beekenkamp Plants BV is breeder and young plant producer in pot and bedding plants.
Beekenkamp Plants BV is breeder and young plant producer in pot and bedding plants such as Begonia, Dahlia, Poinsettia, Lavendula, Campanula and Celosia. Beekenkamp is the leading producer of crops, including Cyclamen, Helianthus, Primula, Platycodon, Petunia, Begonia seedraised. You find innovative products like the TomTato® and the new Begonia concept: DREAMS!

The company aims to distinguish itself through service, specialization and quality in several crops and cultivation knowledge.

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Make colours of your dreams reality!

Begonias are an absolute trend! The DREAMS concept is the tool to help you to position this diverse product with a simple and clear message. From producer to end consumer, each tailored specifically to their needs. Making you and your customer happy AND successful with Begonias!
KELOS, your splash of colours…
KELOS, your splash of colours…
The Celosia Kelos is back on Fire! The Celosia fire is known for its bright colors and good shelf life results. This versatile –no need to use black cloth- product, can be used as a mono as well as in a combination pot. Explore the possibilities what you can do with this amazing product called KELOS.
Sunbelievable is a truly phenomenal new sunflower. Like no other sunflower, Sunbelievable flowers continuously from June until the first frosts. This fabulous new sunflower to make a real impact in people’s gardens - its non-stop blooming will appeal to sunflower lovers and gardeners everywhere.

Top 10 productsBeekenkamp Plants BV

  1. DREAMS Begonia (outdoor and indoor)
  2. Poinsettia
  3. Dahlia
  4. Celosia
  5. Campanula
  1. Sunny
  2. Cyclamen
  3. Petunia
  4. Primula
  5. Lavandula