Westland Region Participants 2021

Beekenkamp Plants BV

15 - 18 June 2021

About usBeekenkamp Plants BV

Beekenkamp Plants BV is breeder and young plant producer in pot and bedding plants.
Beekenkamp Plants BV is breeder and young plant producer in pot and bedding plants such as Begonia, Dahlia, Poinsettia, Lavendula, Campanula and Celosia. Beekenkamp is the leading producer of crops, including Cyclamen, Helianthus, Primula, Platycodon, Petunia, Begonia seedraised. You find innovative products like the TomTato® and the new Begonia concept: DREAMS!

The company aims to distinguish itself through service, specialization and quality in several crops and cultivation knowledge.

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Wow! The current Dreams collection has already made a lot of colourful Dreams come true, but the new Macarose will surpasses everyone’s Dreams! During the Flower Trials we will launch our newest Dreams family member: Dreams garden Macarose! A beautiful outdoor begonia with a fresh pink colour and a sprakling yellow heart!

Potsize for > 17cm
– Long flowering period
– very floriferous
– has a nice round plant shape
– excellent shelf life
– excellent outdoor
LaBella Dahlia - from big to small
LaBella Dahlia - from big to small
The LaBella Dahlia is a real masterpiece. The flowers are symmetrical and the intense colours and details are like art. LaBella is an complete series with extraordinary colours, outstanding shapes and sizes from big to small. With its’ new branding draw attention to the art of the plant, the colourful look and the range of this series. New colours are introduced within the well-know growers choice of the Medio types (1liter) and the special Maggiore (>2 liter pot)
Celosia Kelos
Celosia Kelos
This versatile plant is known for its fiery, colorful and cheerful plumes. The intense plumes bring an explosion of color, fun and cosiness in every garden, patio or living room. In addition to the special colors, the Kelos® is also known for ease of use for the consumer and the perfect garden performance! Kelos® is easy to combine and fits in every style!

Top 10 productsBeekenkamp Plants BV

  1. Dreams Begonia
  2. Kelos Celosia
  3. Sunny Osteospermum
  4. LaBella Dahlia
  5. Campala Campanula
  1. Tea Petunia
  2. Cyclamen
  3. Sunbelievable
  4. Beekenkamp superstars Poinsettia
  5. Primula