Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

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Dümmen Orange

10 - 13 June 2025

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Uniting the world through the language of flowers.
Dümmen Orange® is a leading international breeder and propagator focused on potted plants, bedding plants, perennials, tropical plants, cut flowers, and bulbs. Representing a legacy of floricultural excellence of more than a century in the making, we provide the largest selection of superior flowers and plants.

At our locations in De Kwakel (NL) and Rheinberg (DE) you can find out more about our product innovations, as well as our trend presentations and new retail concepts.

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Calla - Red Salsa
Calla - Red Salsa
The Red Salsa is a unique Calla with a striking bright burgundy flower colour. The flowers form a beautiful contrast with the shiny dark green leaves, making this plant sure to stand out in any interior or outside on the terrace. This plant has an excellent pot/plant ratio, both in smaller pot sizes and in larger containers and bowls.
In addition, this Calla is known for its uniform, rich flowering properties. The flowers have a good position above the crop. The plant is robust and strong and fills the pot well.

Discover these and all our other highlights during the Flower Trials!
Kalanchoe two tone varieties
Kalanchoe two tone varieties
Immerse yourself in the allure of Citrine, Design, Fogo, and Gloss, four fresh Kalanchoe varieties showcasing stunning two-toned single flowers. These captivating flowering plants are perfect for mixed trays and enhancing home decor, offering effortless beauty for consumers. Their intense two-tone flowers add color to your living
Pot  chrysanthemums, let inspire you!
Pot chrysanthemums, let inspire you!
In our pot chrysanthemum assortment we have different series.
In the Rainbow serie, single bi-colored, there are two new varieties: Rainbow Ballad & Rainbow Hearts Delight. They both have fresh colors in pink/white and red/yellow.

The Chrystal serie is extended with Chrystal Sublime, Chrystal Sunshine and Chrystal Cherry.

The Smarty serie is unique because of their small pompons shaped flowers

Our Suntaste serie is remarkable because of their anemone type blooms, available in 4 eye catching

Top 10 productsDümmen Orange

  1. Scaevola Scala Cappello Purple
  2. Pot Carnation Pink & Proud
  3. Pelargonium Big EEZE Pink Batik
  4. Senecio Mandala Magic Purple
  5. Bloomix
  1. Kalanchoe Citrine, Fogo, Gloss & Design
  2. Petunia Durabloom
  3. Veronica Candela Pink & Blue
  4. Pot Mums
  5. Cut Chrysanthemum Letsgo Pink