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Bruno Nebelung GmbH

14 - 17 June 2022

About usBruno Nebelung GmbH

The company is now run by Nico Volmary, the third generation of the same family. Bruno Nebelung GmbH is represented throughout Europe with the popular and well-known quality brands Kiepenkerl, Majestic and Pegasus.

Kiepenkerl Vegetable Tomasilikum®
Kiepenkerl Vegetable Tomasilikum®
Kiepenkerl pot T 19 combines spicy-aromatic basil and sugar-sweet compact cocktail tomatoes. Kiepenkerl Profi-Line Tomasilikum® is ideal for further cultivation in containers on balconies and terraces. The use of matching top varieties results in a homogeneous "round" plant structure and thus an attractive appearance at the POS. Kiepenkerl Tomasilikum® is offered with an environmentally friendly stick label.
Tomasilikum® is available as:
- Cocktail tomato "Black-Violet"
- Cocktail tomato "Red"
- Cocktail tomato "Yellow"
- each combined with white- or blue-flowered basil plants
Kiepenkerl herbs #beebetter
Kiepenkerl herbs #beebetter
They taste good to everyone! Kiepenkerl #beebetter herbs are an expertly selected range of more than 20 varieties of bee-friendly, flowering herbs. Planted out in beds or on balconies, the #beebetter herbs magically attract lots of wild bees and other nectar-seeking beneficial insects over the course of the year. At the POS, the "added value" for people and nature can be recognised by the #beebetter logo on the new, environmentally friendly Kiepenkerl herb stick label.
Kiepenkerl Plant "Winter Angels"
Kiepenkerl Plant "Winter Angels"
Just in time for the "Festival of Hearts" comes the new Kiepenkerl Helleborus "Winter Angels" collection for Christmas. For easier marketing, these are divided into the classic white "Christ Roses" (Helleborus niger) and the coloured "Lenz Roses" (Helleborus x hybriden).
The newly designed "Winter Angel" concept pot as well as the new "Winter Angel" stick label will match. For the price entry level, the T 12 with a smaller label variant is available, for the premium range the T 14, T 19 and T 21.