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15 t/m 18 juni 2021

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Hishtil | A Leading Plant Nursery Company
A world leader of seedlings and young plants of herbs, ornamentals and vegetables. Hishtil is renowned for being at the forefront of knowledge based plant propagation. Its innovative approach that combines horticulture expertise and industry awareness with the benefits of cutting-edge technology results in production of the healthiest possible plant material. Being a market leader in the world of advanced horticultural nurseries, Hishtil is constantly developing unique technologies and production protocols in order to keep up with the ever changing market demands. Hishtil established a global nurseries network with a yearly production that totals well over one billion young plants.

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'Funtastick Calibrachoa'
'Funtastick Calibrachoa'
'Funtastick Calibrachoa' (WO 2016/038613 PCT/IL2015/050922) is a new high stem, grafted, ornamental Calibrachoa. A new ornamental and esthetic combination achieved by grafting herbaceous ornamental Calibrachoa having a short height and bushy growth habit on a rootstock containing high-single stem. Grafting ensure higher survivability, long shelf life, improved growth performance and compatibility for perpendicular stability when planted in a pot and/or containers. 'Funtastick Calibrachoa' display continuous flowering and esthetic design.
Scabiosa incisa 'Kudo' P White/Pink
Scabiosa incisa 'Kudo' P White/Pink
Cultivated in Japan, Scabiosa ‘kudo’ is a wonderful perennial that flowers all summer long. Its stunning flower heads have a pins-like core rounded with light pink or white petals.
‘Kudo’ is a First year flowering perennial that produces compact mounds of foliage and stems, a feature that makes it ideal for beds and borders. It grows up to 40-50cm (16-20") height and spread to 50-60cm (20-24") and prefers a sunny exposure.
It is a magnet of bees and butterflies - A must in any
Oxalis tuberosum 'Crimson'/'Gold'/'Crimson & Gold'
Oxalis tuberosum 'Crimson'/'Gold'/'Crimson & Gold'
Native to the Andes and very popular in New Zealand, Oxalis tuberosum, known as Oca, is a perennial herbaceous plant that overwinters as underground stem tubers.

Eaten boiled, baked, fried or dried, Oca is used as a potato alternative with superb nutritious values!
Oca daily consumptaion provides you with much needed nutrients like Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Iron and much more!!

Top 10 productenHishtil

  1. Funtastick Calibrachoa Tree 'Caloha Classic' Real Red
  2. Funtastick Calibrachoa Tree 'Caloha Classic' Yellow Chocolate Ring
  3. Lavandula stoechas Libelle™ 'Compact Blue'
  4. Lavandula stoechas Libelle™ 'Compact Rose'
  5. Lavandula stoechas Libelle™ 'Purple'
  1. Lavandula stoechas subsp. Lusitanica 'Lusi' PBR Pink/Purple
  2. Lavandula stoechas 'Ever Great Blue'
  3. Penstemon 'Pentastic'™ Blush
  4. Gaura lindheimeri 'Summer Star Baby' ℗
  5. Thymus citriodorus 'Cascata™ Lemonade'