Aalsmeer Regio Participanten 2020

Elsner pac Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

9 t/m 12 juni 2020

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Moderne variëteiten uit de traditie
Brilliant colours and good production characteristics ideally suited to the needs of retailers and consumers, are always the most important incentives behind our breeding efforts. Geraniums remain our traditional focus, but now our range is more colourful than ever with our own NG Impatiens series, trailing and upright Angelonia, Petunia and many more.

Much has changed in the 130 years since our company was founded. What remains is the passion for good varieties and good cooperation with customers and partners around the world.

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pac® TWOinONE White Splash
pac® TWOinONE White Splash
- bolvormige plantopbouw met gemiddelde groeikracht
- rijkbloeiend met grote bloemen
- vroegbloeiend
pac® Day-Zee® Yellow
pac® Day-Zee® Yellow
- vroege bloei met felgele, grote bloemen
- medium sterke, ronde groei - echte Day-Zee®
pac® Vintage Rose
pac® Vintage Rose
- nobele, halfgevulde bloemen in iriserend roze
- goede teelteigenschappen door uniforme groei

Top 10 productenElsner pac Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

  1. Angelonia pac® Angelos Blue&White
  2. Pelargonium zonale pac® Anthony
  3. Pelargonium zonale pac® Dark line
  4. Pelargonium zonale pac® Chocolate Apricot
  5. Pelargonium interspecific pac® Cassiopeia®
  1. Dianthus pac® Dinamic® Pink to White
  2. Pelargonium grandiflorum pac® Candy Flowers®
  3. Pelargonium grandiflorum pac® Pinkerbell®
  4. Neu-Guinea-Impatiens pac® Impacio®
  5. Verbena pac® Vera