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14 au 17 juin 2022

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L'avantage Westflowers
Westhoff vous accueille pour une nouvelle année Westflowers. Depuis nos débuts comme
Producteur de produits finis en Europe, nous sommes l’une des entreprises leaders, le jardinier bien
de nouvelles races pouvant être fabriquées et fournit au commerçant des concepts bien pensés.
Jardiniers amateurs et consommateurs finaux, ces nouveautés offrent enthousiasme et plaisir.

Vidéo nouveautésWesthoff

Vidéo d'entrepriseWesthoff

Petunia Crazytunia Pink Flamingo
Petunia Crazytunia Pink Flamingo
Crazytunia is the Petunia brand known around the world for the unique colors and novelty patterns that engage garden center customers and drive impulse sales. 2021/2022 brings several new varieties including the exciting and fun Pink Flamingo. With bright pink blooms with a yellow star pattern, these robust plants will provide a visual treat in the garden all season long.
Calibrachoa Calitastic Bordeaux Star
Calibrachoa Calitastic Bordeaux Star
The Calitastic series is best know for its consistent, solid colors and compact, easy to grow and manage habits, but the new for 2022 Bordeaux Star brings a bold splash of novelty to this traditionally more reserved series. Absolutely bursting with blooms from early spring to autumn, the big, bicolor lavender and dark purple blooms are punctuated by a bright golden star in the center.
Lobelia Hot+ Dark Blue
Lobelia Hot+ Dark Blue
westhoff's Hot seriesof Lobelia was a breakthrough when it first came to the market. with bright, intense colors and unrivaled heat tolerance and summer performance, no other Lobelia could match them in the garden. 2022 brings an updated version called Hot+ which has all of the advantages of thier predecessors, but with the heavier branching and larger blooms. truly a worthy successor and the next step forward in Lobelia breeding.

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