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L'avantage Westflowers
Westhoff vous accueille pour une nouvelle année Westflowers. Depuis nos débuts comme
Producteur de produits finis en Europe, nous sommes l’une des entreprises leaders, le jardinier bien
de nouvelles races pouvant être fabriquées et fournit au commerçant des concepts bien pensés.
Jardiniers amateurs et consommateurs finaux, ces nouveautés offrent enthousiasme et plaisir.

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Calibrachoa Chameleon® Blackberry Pie
Calibrachoa Chameleon® Blackberry Pie
A delicious new addition to the groundbreaking Chameleon® series of Calibrachoa from Westhoff. Deep violet flowers are streaked with intense shafts of yellow, creating a sharply contrasting, but harmonious new flower color combo. Controlled in habit and very early flowering, Blackberry Pie is the perfect small pot Calbrachoa, or stunning combination component for gardens or balconies everywhere.
Passion Combos® Purple Purpose
Passion Combos® Purple Purpose
With a fresh perspective and updated recipies, the re-invigorated Passion Combos® program brings the dynamic flower colors and patterns that has become synonymous with Westhoff with the reliability and predictability that comes from a pre-planned combination. In addition to 20 of the most popular original combinations, Westhoff has added 18 new looks to the gardening public.
Purple Purpose is a fresh, violet combination with undertones of rose and pink, splashed with bright yellow highlights with varieties that have the balanced growth and season-long performance that gardeners expect.
Petunia Crazytunia® Peach Bellini
Petunia Crazytunia® Peach Bellini
A brand known around the world for bright colors and shocking patterns, the Crazytunia® collection continues to bring innovative and ground breaking new breeding to savvy gardeners everywhere!
Hot, tropical colors evoke a Carribean vacation with relaxing ocean breexes, exotic fruits, and exciting nightlife in the newest addition to the Crazytunia® collection: Peach Bellini.

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