Aalsmeer Region Participants 2019

MNP flowers | Suntory® genetics

11 - 14 June 2019

About usMNP flowers | Suntory® genetics

The champions of tomorrow, today
Since 1989, MNP flowers is managing the European rights and is master licensee for all (future) products from the Japanese breeder Suntory Flowers Ltd. Each year we select new and innovative varieties in close consultation with Suntory®.

MNP flowers introduces new varieties three times a year: during the IPM in January, the FlowerTrials® in June and the FloraHolland Trade Fair in November. This means that there is always a reason to visit MNP flowers. Once again, our intensive cooperation with the breeding team of Suntory Flowers Ltd. has produced some brilliant varieties for the future. This has given us lots of inspiration and therefore we’ve created some exciting new concepts.

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Sundaville® MiMi Red
Sundaville® MiMi Red
Super early blooming Mandevilla, which is perfectly suitable for small pots. Ideal for growers due to its high rate of return.

Our first new star is the world champion of early flowering: the Sundaville® MiMi Red. We've never seen a Mandevilla bloom earlier, bringing Sundaville® varieties to a completely new market. This new variety can be grown without support into an attractive, compact flowering pot plant (12 cm pots). Because of its extreme earliness, MiMi Red is ready at the perfect moment for bedding plant sales. Offering outstanding garden performance, this is a superior and exclusive gift product which will bring a big smile to every customer. The medium size flowers have an intense classic red colour with a yellow
Senetti® White
Senetti® White
Unique and first white Pericallis variety available with very abundant flowering.

Our second novelty is Pericallis Senetti® White. This is a truly unique variety! With its shiny snow white petals, purple-blue center and dark green leaves, it is a must-have for every consumer from early spring to summer. Eye catching pure white petals with an intense dark blue heart studded with contrasting warm yellow pollen grains when the flower gets older. It’s a compact plant with a nice dark green contrasting foliage and very abundant flowering.

We are also very proud to have won the 1st price in the Neuheitenschaufenster contest at the IPM 2018 with this
Grandaisy® 3 new "Mum" types
Grandaisy® 3 new "Mum" types
These new ‘Mum’ types branch profusely and flower abundantly, creating a superior shape, and are slightly compacter than the original Grandaisy® varieties.

Grandaisy® Gold
Looking like a sea of gold only punctuated by the dark brown rounds of its heart.

Grandaisy® Pink Tourmaline
Displaying big marbled vivid pink flowers with a white ring circling a dark contrasting heart.

Grandaisy® Ruby
Coloured flowers with a hint of yellow turning into an intense red colour, enhanced by a yellow ring and a dark

Top 10 productsMNP flowers | Suntory® genetics

  1. Mandevilla, Sundaville®, Apricot
  2. Mandevilla, Sundaville®, Soft Peach
  3. Mandevilla, Sundaville®, Mini Scarlet
  4. Mandevilla, Sundaville®, Mimi Red
  5. Petunia, Surfinia®, Trailing Red
  1. Petunia, Surfinia®, Blue Ocean
  2. Petunia, Surfinia®, Coral Morn
  3. Pericallis, Senetti®, Ruby Red
  4. Pericallis, Senetti®, Red Bicolor
  5. Pericallis, Senetti®, Pink