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KP Holland

15 - 18 June 2021

About usKP Holland

KP Holland; grower and breeder of flowering pot plants
Aware of its role as a progressive grower and breeder, KP Holland produces products of constantly good quality. The unique combination of both disciplines - breeding and growing - in a single company sets KP Holland apart. KP Holland is born to breed & bloom

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Kalanchoë series
Kalanchoë series
  • The Rosalina™ series is composed of double-flowered cultivars but with the classic Kalanchoë leaf shape. New, attractive varieties are added to the collection every year and are available in every colour for all pot sizes. The Rosalina series is distinguished by the perfect balance between its large number of buds and its compact habit.

  • The Passion™ series. An appealing line of single-flowered products is also available.

  • The Gardenlina™ series: new in the field of flowering outdoor plants is Gardenlina™, an outdoor plant that has been especially selected by KP Holland. The characteristics of this plant result in it being very strong and colourful by nature.
KP Holland supplies an extensive line of Spathiphyllum with premium varieties for every conceivable pot size. Starting material up to and including pot size 9 cm is propagated from seed; each variety suitable for pot sizes larger than 9 cm is propagated by tissue culture. The breeding objective focuses on developing pollen-free varieties with attractive deep green leaves and robust flowers. New varieties intended for pot sizes 12/14 cm and distinguished by a compact habit and profuse flowering will also be launched this
KP Holland is the Curcuma specialist. Typical of the Curcuma are its very large extravagant flowers and impressive colors. The roots of this plant are the source of turmeric which is used for culinary purposes. Research has demonstrated the beneficial properties of this spice. The Siam™ Curcuma series is composed of unique colourful products which can be planted in many pot sizes. Also available is a distinctive range of Curcuma varieties used for cut flower production. KP Holland has many compact varieties available for smaller pot sizes.

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  1. Curcuma Siam™ Sweet
  2. Curcuma Siam™ Supreme
  3. Curcuma Siam™ Splash
  4. Kalanchoe Rosalina™ Amador
  5. Kalanchoe Rosalina™ Amarillo
  1. Kalanchoe Rosalina™ Nando
  2. Kalanchoe Rosalina™ Alano
  3. Spathiphyllum Bingo Cupido™
  4. Spathiphyllum Largo Cupido™
  5. Spathiphyllum Compacto Cupido™