Aalsmeer Region Participants 2020


9 - 12 June 2020

About usGruppo PADANA

Our quality is our roots
Gruppo Padana is a family company specialized in young plants production.
The wide assortment consists of breeding activities, exclusive varieties and selections among the best world genetics of annual plants from seeds and cuttings, cyclamen, vegetable plants, perennials, roses and much more.
The company vision is to produce high quality young plants with minimal environmental impact, using our own patented recyclable trays, investing since years in biological and integrated approach and guaranteeing punctuality and reliability in deliveries, in European and Middle Eastern markets.

Video impression 2019Gruppo PADANA

• Primrose of our own exclusive breeding
• Two lines:
PRIMABELLA early with large flowers, PRIMABELLA XL early or mid-early with giant flowers
• Round and uniform plants both in habit and flowering window
• Very bright​en/​in-vetrina/​33-primabella-xl.html
Lavandula LAVINIA
Lavandula LAVINIA
• This Lavandula stoechas is the result of a genetic selection worldwide
• Exclusive series that stands out for the beauty of the flowers
• Sturdy plants ideal for pots from 14-16 upwards
• Early and lasting​en/​192-lavinia
• Exclusive selection of compact and early Petunia
• Mounding and slightly hanging habit
• Continuos flowering and resistant plants from spring until the first frosts
• TOP-TUNIA STYLE presents unique and special​en/​164-top-tunia

Top 10 productsGruppo PADANA

  1. Primula PRIMABELLA
  2. Viola SUPERBA
  3. Lavandula LAVINIA
  4. Petunia (TOP-TUNIA, SURFINIA)
  5. Pelargonium (VILLAGE, PEGGY, SANSONE)
  1. HORTYSUPER Vegetables Plants
  2. Dipladenia SUNDAVILLE
  3. Argyranthemum GRANDAISY
  4. Cyclamen
  5. Roses