Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

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MNP / Suntory

13 - 16 June 2023

About usMNP / Suntory

The plant pioneers
“Pioneers and trendsetters in breeding, selecting, marketing and licensing of innovative and superior quality (bedding) plants.”

Each year, MNP / Suntory tests and selects the most innovative and strong summer plants. We’ll pay attention to multiple innovative qualities such as colour, shape and flowering behaviour. Our plants need to be strong, resilient and resistant to various weather circumstances. Obviously, we also keep the ease of use in mind, as customers desire plants that are care-free, easy to maintain and do not require a lot of water. We select the products that we introduce on previous mentioned attributes and their uniqueness, market potential en trendiness.

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Sundaville® Lemon
Sundaville® Lemon
Meet Sundaville® Lemon.
A yellow addition to our classic Sundaville® collection. She won't give you lemons, but she'll shower you with plenty of flowers. Sundaville® Mandevilla will bring you the ultimate summer vibes. This new fresh colour will no doubt turn your garden into the perfect staycation spot. Are you looking for the best quality of Mandevillas? Ensure yourself of top-notch quality and beautiful plants that last. Now available in the new colour Lemon!
Sundaville® Flamingo Pink
Sundaville® Flamingo Pink
“Do the Flamingo this summer” The Sundaville® Flamingo Pink is new on the market since 2021. The plant has special pink colored flowers and flowers optimally until the first frost. Sundaville® is a very grateful plant and requires almost no care. This variety is (almost) nowhere else available. The Flamingo Pink is unique because of the beautiful drawing on the flower. The edges of the flower are flamed light pink. It resembles the feathers of a flamingo, which is also why this species gets its name. Furthermore, the flower has dark pink
Surdiva® White Blanket
Surdiva® White Blanket
The Surdiva® collection is elegant, arty and always in style. The fan shaped flowers that grow on short terminal spikes are distinctive, classy and hint to art-deco. Survive® is a range of Scaevola, one of the most heat tolerant plants in the world. In the past years, we have been working hard on improving existing varieties and we knocked it into the park (and hopefully your garden). Surdiva® White blanket has even better branching and grows more compact than our classic white variety. She blooms fully, rich and like a real diva!

Top 10 productsMNP / Suntory

  1. Granvia® Dark Orange Flame
  2. Granvia® Dark Pink Flame
  3. Granvia® Red Flame
  4. Sundaville® Lemon
  5. Sundaville® Gold
  1. Sundaville® Flamingo Pink
  2. Surdiva® White Blanket
  3. Surdiva® Lilac
  4. Surdiva® Compact Pink
  5. Surfinia® Lagoon Blue Star