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10 - 13 June 2025

About usHortibreed

Hortinno stands for horticulture innovation and is the consumer quality label of the firm Hortibreed. For more than 20 years, Hortibreed/Hortinno has been a prominent breeder of indoor azaleas, outdoor japonica and rhododendron. We recently added Kalmia. Our R&D experience enables us to market plants that are fully commercial in terms of their appearence, long flowering period, user-friendliness and durability.

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Hortinno Lime Peach & Green
Hortinno Lime Peach & Green
Hortinno breeds according to the needs of the customer. Breeding is a continuous process in order to provide targeted and sustainable answers to consumers' questions.
Meet our Lime collection: the longest flowering azalea! Colours continue to evolve when flowers open. Peach Fuzz = Pantone colour of the year 2024!
Kalmia Latifolia: get lost in a poetic floral lacework
Kalmia Latifolia: get lost in a poetic floral lacework
Allowing the consumer to enjoy the intense blooms of the hortinno garden products is one of Hortinno's core objectives. This year, Hortinno launches a new product line in its garden portfolio: Kalmia latifolia. Get lost in a poetic floral lacework. Always interwoven with your garden. It is a unique product with thousands of 'little flowers' making you happy!
Rhododendron and Evergreen Japonica
Rhododendron and Evergreen Japonica
Hortinno Garden is a response to the trend for evergreen patio or garden plants with an extra flowering period. The rhododendron XXL is named after its extra large flower bud and bicolor flower cluster. Rhododendron Red Devil has an intense red colour that offers perfect contrast with the fower's black heart. Hortinno also has a series of Evergreen outdoor japonicas that treat the customer to a sumptuous display of outdoor flowers in spring. Enjoy Xtra Flowering Plants!

Top 10 productsHortibreed

  1. rhododendron XXL
  2. rhododendron Red Devil
  3. evergreen outdoor japonica
  4. evergreen white, red, bicolor, pink, lila, orange
  5. Lime Peach azalea
  1. kalmia latifolia
  2. rhododendron simsii Lime
  3. rhododendron simsii Noralinde
  4. rhododendron simsii Kinku Saku
  5. rhododendron simsii Yankadi