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PRUDAC: Production & Research for Urban Decoration And Consumption
Our product focus is on innovative plant breeding and we breed GMO-free. We serve the professional and the hobby market with easy-to-grow attractive, edible products.

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Sweet Sturdy Mix
Sweet Sturdy Mix
Heartbreakers Mimi F1
Heartbreakers Mimi F1
Ponchi F1 Sol
Ponchi F1 Sol

Top 10 ProduktePrudac

  1. Allium Quattro F1
  2. Cauliflower Multi-Head F1
  3. Cauliflower Baby F1
  4. Basket/Container Pepper Spicy Jane F1
  5. Rocket Pepper F1 Red Mamba
  1. Tasty Viola F1 series
  2. Pot tomato Heartbreakers F1 series
  3. Pot Tomato XXS Ponchi F1 series
  4. Pot Tomato Sweet Sturdy Jo F1
  5. Tall Tomato Tutti-Frutti F1 series