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Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

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Jaldety Plant Propagation Nurseries

13. bis 16. Juni 2023

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Jaldety Plant Propagation Nursery
Jaldety Propagation Nurseries are a family-owned business producing and supplying a colorful range of niche perennials and annual cuttings. Our propagation programs are designed to supply cuttings on a year-round basis and focus on both year-round quality assurance and on attentiveness to the needs of our customers. Jaldety operates 2 production sites in Israel, for export only and offers cuttings from more than 450 different varieties from open and private stock. Private stock services are provided to all our customers assuring solutions to all customer needs.

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Sedum Royal Pine
Sedum Royal Pine
Unique bold green succulent foliage.
Great texture and structure plant.
Great texture effect in container, mix containers, small ground covers, rock gardens and miniature gardens.
Dense, low growing habit.
Heat and drought tolerant, low maintenance.
Salvia Pink Mulberry
Salvia Pink Mulberry
Free flowering, masses of 2 tone, Dark fuchsia pink and white skirt flowers, dark calyx, on dark stems.
Long flowering period, from early spring till the first frost.
Great uniform bushy habit.
Use in big containers for patio and decks, mix borders, water wise garden planting, cottage and meadow gardens and beds.
Easy to care, deer tolerant, attracts butterflies, hummingbirds and bees.
Setcreasea Zebrina
Setcreasea Zebrina
Attractive Zebra patterned succulent foliage.
Great color effect indoor and out, in hanging baskets and containers, contrasting small ground covers, fillers, informal planting, beds, rock gardens.
Low growing, dense, trailing habit.
Heat and drought tolerant, easy to grow, low maintenance.

Top 10 ProdukteJaldety Plant Propagation Nurseries

  1. Centaurea Mercury
  2. Campanula Prichard's Variety
  3. Delosperma WOW® Fire Wonder
  4. Erysimum Golden Jubilee
  5. Lampranthus Orange
  1. Lithodora Heavenly Blue
  2. Nepeta Walker's Low
  3. Orostachys Chinese Hat
  4. Sedum rupestre Angelina
  5. Setcreasea pallida Purple Heart