Aalsmeer Région Participants 2020


9 au 12 juin 2020

À propos de nousFloricultura

Tropical plants are our passion. We have specialised in the propagation of orchids and tropical plants since 1933. A desire for perfection and the aim to develop strong, profitable and distinctive varieties for our customers – they are the driving forces behind Floricultura and our team. Our expertise and unique genetics enable us to offer a broad range of orchid and anthurium young plants for any climate and any grower.

Impression vidéo 2019Floricultura

Phalaenopsis 'Mystic Lover'
Phalaenopsis 'Mystic Lover'
This Phalaenopsis has a myriad of 6 cm flowers going everywhere. A beautiful pink colour combined with a subtle pattern makes it supernatural and yet very attractive. Almost like forbidden fruit; strange buy very nice. Mystic Lover branches really well. Its spikes of 40 cm makes it quite a compact plant that works out great for many different conditions.
Phalaenopsis 'Lost Labyrinth'
Phalaenopsis 'Lost Labyrinth'
This Phalaenopsis stands tall and has a spike length of 65 cm. It has large 10 cm deep pink flowers, with a pattern that instantly attract your eyes. Once caught in it, you can never let go. Lost in a labyrinth of sheer beauty.
Phalaenopsis 'Eagle Eye'
Phalaenopsis 'Eagle Eye'
A true Phalaenopsis Redlip with a sharp eye. Pristine white 9,5 cm flowers, unspoiled and very natural. A Redlip with cachet, having spikes of 65 cm. But above all, a Redlip that stands out in the crowd because of its kaleidoscope of colours in its lip. Like a true eagle eye.

Produits top 10Floricultura

  1. Phalaenopsis Elastica series 'Road Trip'
  2. Miltionopsis 'Herralexandre'
  3. Phalaenopsis Lingua series 'Festival Rhyme'
  4. Odontoglossum 'Mystic Maze'
  5. Phalaenopsis Elastica series 'Free Ride'
  1. Dendrobium Nobile 'Comet King Akatsuki'
  2. Phalaenopsis Lingua series 'Sweet Talk'
  3. Cymbidium 'Green Flame'
  4. Phalaenopsis 'Carrot Cake'
  5. Phalaenopsis 'Grazia'