Aalsmeer Région Participants 2019


11 au 14 juin 2019

À propos de nousFloricultura

Floricultura specialises in breeding, selection and propagation of orchids. Annual sales of many dozens of millions of young orchid plants all over the world have made our company the global market leader in orchid propagation material.
As suppliers of propagation material, we stand out not only for the volume of our output but also for our wide range of orchid genera. Besides a good working atmosphere, our approachable company culture promotes contacts between and a good exchange of knowledge and expertise among employees. The driving force behind our success as a production company is the prominent role we assign to research, wherever possible we use our research results and new technologies to further improve the quality of our orchids and our production methods.

Impression vidéo 2018Floricultura

Phalaenopsis 'Serena'
Phalaenopsis 'Serena'
Floricultura has a wide range of orchids in the white colour group. So a new variety must really have something extra to offer to be included in our existing range. And that is indeed the case with the newly introduced Serena. With a flower diameter of 11 cm this may rightly be termed a large-flowered variety. Also impressive is the number of flowers per spike. When this variety is in full bloom it’s a veritable gem.
Phalaenopsis 'Lady Luck'
Phalaenopsis 'Lady Luck'
A deep purple colour and at least three spikes that also branch really well. This combination of characteristics results in a sea of at least forty flowers – quite unique in this colour group. So Lady Luck is a variety that performs well in several respects.
Phalaenopsis 'Calm Storm'
Phalaenopsis 'Calm Storm'
The calm before the storm is a familiar expression. But a “Calm Storm” must be something quite extraordinary. This new addition to Floricultura’s range meets all the requirements that may be expected from a good variety. A beautiful deep pink colour, vigorous growth and a long crown. And last but not least - a perfect flower diameter of at least 10 cm. The calm exuded by this beauty will make the storm blow over quickly ...

Produits top 10Floricultura

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  3. Phalaenopsis 'Lady Luck'
  4. Phalaenopsis 'Calm Storm'
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  1. Phalaenopsis '243851'
  2. Phalaenopsis 'Serena'
  3. Phalaenopsis 'Misty Snow'
  4. Phalaenopsis 'Cold Feet'
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