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Dalina Genetics

12 au 15 juin 2018

À propos de nousDalina Genetics

Danish breeder of flowers and pot vegetables
Dalina Genetics is a Danish breeder of Dahlia, Osteospermum, Gentiana, Adenium and pot vegetables like tomato and sweet pepper. We sell high quality cuttings and young and finished plants of the flowers and seeds and young and finished products of the vegetables. We are providing detailed growing info upon request.
Dalina is working with several professional distributors around the World for excellence in customer service.
Our main global distributor is Young Flowers (NL, UK and Global) and our regional distributors are Gasa Young Plants (Europe), Greenex (NA), Proven Winners (NA) and Hakusan (Japan), Sprint Horticulture (Australia).

Dahlia Maxi
Dahlia Maxi
Our Dahlia Maxi are famous for their large filled flowers in vibrant colors and short production time. We supply rooted and urooted
Innovative pot tomatoes
Innovative pot tomatoes
Our novel pot tomatoes for growing in very small pots <12cm, are the first in the World to combine a good looking pant with a great tasting tomato. We supply finished product, seeds and
Reliable Gentianas
Reliable Gentianas
Dalina has bred a broad range of reliable Gentianas in attractive colors. We supply finished product, plugs and growing

Produits top 10Dalina Genetics

  1. Gentiana Blue Heart
  2. Pot Tomato Siam
  3. Dahlia Maxi Mendoza
  4. Dahlia Maxi Cancun
  5. Dahlia Maxi Topia
  1. Dahlia Midi Pinta
  2. Osteospermum Elena
  3. Osteospermum Inez
  4. Osteospermum Paso Doble Francisco
  5. Adenium Smilla