Aalsmeer Region Participants 2019

Thompson and Morgan

11 - 14 June 2019

About usThompson and Morgan

At Thompson & Morgan Wholesale we specialise in breeding innovative material. Our products are ideally suited to offer something new and exciting for you and your customers and to help you differentiate yourself from competitors. We work with distributors around the world for both the commercial and amateur markets. We also offer an exciting range of vegetative products which are available from our licensees.

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Helianthus Sunbelievable™ Brown Eyed Girl
Helianthus Sunbelievable™ Brown Eyed Girl
It's taken 8 long years for our breeding team to perfect Sunflower SunBelievable™ Brown Eyed Girl. The vision has become a reality; here's a sunflower for beds and containers that will produce 1,000 flowers over a season! This brand new hybrid is sterile so it puts all its energy into flowering rather than setting seed. It's super easy to grow and will bounce right back if you forget to water it. Bees love this unbelieveable sunflower too! Height and Spread: 60cm (24")
Cosmos 'Apricot Lemonade'
Cosmos 'Apricot Lemonade'
Fabulous cream and apricot blush cosmos with white tipped flowers. The blossoms of Cosmos 'Apricot Lemonade' are produced en masse throughout the summer on short, branching cosmos plants.
Fantastic for patio pots or as a robust and oh-so-floriferous border filler - its colouring and habit means that it combines well with most other plants in bedding or container displays. Cosmos 'Lemonade' also makes a great cut flower and looks stunning in a vase, either on it's own or mixed in with other flowers. Height: 60cm (24"). Spread: 40cm (16").
Bidens 'Stop Light'
Bidens 'Stop Light'
The stunning dark pink blooms of this new T&M-bred Bidens, with its bright yellow central eye, is the result of almost 10 years of development and breeding. One of a whole new generation of Bidens offering bushy plants and unrivalled flower power, Bidens 'Stop light' will look spectacular wherever you plant it and won't take over your containers or hanging baskets. Height:20cm (7.9")

Top 10 productsThompson and Morgan

  1. Helianthus 'Sunbelievable Brown Eyed Girl'
  2. Cosmos 'Apricot Lemonade'
  3. Bidens 'Stop Light'
  4. Pelargonium 'Tall Dark & Handsome'
  5. Papaver 'Supreme'
  1. Tropaeolum 'Orchid Flame'
  2. Strawberry 'Just Add Cream'
  3. Digitalis 'Knee-Hi' Series
  4. Cosmos 'Cupcakes Blush'
  5. Calendula 'Crown Orange'