Rheinland Westfalen Region Participants 2018

Selecta one

12 - 15 June 2018

About usSelecta one

The family company selecta one is leading in breeding, producing and marketing vegetatively propagated ornamental plants. Activities include bedding and balcony plants, poinsettia, perennials and cut flowers. With 11 production sites and distribution companies the group serves all relevant markets.
With our claim “we love to grow” we affirm a commitment, which unites everyone who works for Selecta one. It expresses far more than simply the intense passion contributed by every team member for the breeding, sales and distribution of vegetatively propagated ornamental plants. "We love to grow" stands for being close to our customers – with determination, understanding and passion.

Video impression 2017Selecta one

Calibrachoa MiniFamous® Double PinkMania!
Calibrachoa MiniFamous® Double PinkMania!
The double-flowering variety MiniFamous® Double Pink, which recently received the Fleuroselect gold medal 2018, stands out due to an excellence summer performance. The strong root system and the stable colour make the early flowering Calibrachoa a real flower wonder. MiniFamous® Double Pink is suited for a production in pots and baskets.
Serengeti® Grasses
Serengeti® Grasses
Serengeti® Grasses is a new marketing concept to promote grasses. Several grasses of the Selecta assortment were chosen and rebranded to represent the graceful beauty of the Serengeti grassland in domestic gardens and on terraces. Another advantage: grasses like Pennisetum or Imperata are especially climate-friendly. Hence, Serengeti® Grasses is well suited to present topics like environmental protection and animal welfare at the POS.
Dianthus PinkKisses®
Dianthus PinkKisses®
Selecta one is going one decisive step further marketing its successful pot carnation Pink Kisses®: Starting April 2017 the carnation breeding specialist is launching a communication campaign directly aimed at the end-consumer. Using the sales potential of the low-maintenance mini carnation with its extraordinary colouring to its optimum, the campaign is directed at young women's affinity to the colour pink and placing importance on the emotional subject of friendship. The focus of this campaign with the slogan “Pink Kisses® – as beautiful as our friendship” is a social media photo competition, communicated and supported through target group orientated media partners, blogs and

Top 10 productsSelecta one

  1. Petunia NightSky®
  2. Dianthus PinkKisses®
  3. Dianthus Capitán®
  4. Calibrachoa Rave®
  5. Petunia AlpeTunia®
  1. Osteospermum 3D
  2. Trixi interspecific
  3. Pelargonium Moonlight®
  4. Dahlia Dalaya
  5. Gräser Pennisetum, Festuca, Carex