Aalsmeer Region Participants 2019

Roses Forever

11 - 14 June 2019

About usRoses Forever

Roses Forever ApS
Breeding - License - Know-how

Dynamic family-owned Danish rose breeding company.

Roses Forever offer up-starts cuttings and know-how for starting and maintaining a pot rose production.

Pot roses (mini roses) on own roots:
· Roses Forever® - Colorful roses
· Infinity® - Extravagant roses
· I am Different® - Never seen before roses
· We also offer young plants.

Garden Roses - get a license to grow:
· Plant'n'relax®
· Sweet Home Roses®
· Plant'n'Cut®

Cut roses:
· Rosa Loves Me® - Nostalgic garden type cut roses

License to grow contact Rosa Eskelund

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Mini pot roses on own roots
Mini pot roses on own roots
Culture time 9 weeks
Easy to grow roses
Innovative on-going development of ranges
For indoor and outdoor
3 series:

Roses Forever®
• Strong colors
• Wide range
• Varieties for all pot sizes 6-23 cm
• International recognized quality

• Extravagant roses
• Very long durability (+5 weeks indoor)
• Thick dark green leaves prevent the plant from drying out quickly
• Big well-shaped flowers with a diameter of 7 cm
• Uniform plants

I am Different®
• A brand new series of spectacular mini roses
• Developed for customers who look for something special and really​brands/​infinity/​
Garden roses
Garden roses
• For budding
• Ideal for forcing in containers
• Some also suitable for production on own roots

Sweet Home Roses®
• For budding
• Ideal for forcing in greenhouses in early spring
• Very uniform plants with lots of filled well-shaped big flowers in strong colors
• Long lasting roses
• Recommended container size 3-5 litres

• Cut roses sold as bare-rooted and potted rose plants
• For people who wants to grow their own bouquets again and again in many years
• To be planted in the garden or hobby greenhouses
• Cut the beautiful long-stemmed roses throughout the summer and fall
• Inspirational label including care​brands/​plantnrelax/​
Rosa Loves Me®
• A new series of romantic and spectacular cutroses
• With nostalgic garden look
• Special colors
• Novelty flower forms
• Beautiful Bourbon-shaped flowers
• Stunning flower opening
• Excellent vase life
• Delicate fragrance
• Rosa Loves Me® undergo an important outdoor testing for resistance
• Breeding is an on-going process and new Rosa Loves Me® roses will be added to the line every​brands/​rosa-loves-me/​

Top 10 productsRoses Forever

  1. Mini rose, Infinity®, original white Infinity®
  2. Mini rose, Infinity®, Princess of Infinity®
  3. Mini rose, Roses Forever®, Maasland Gold™
  4. Mini rose, Roses Forever®, Moscow by Night™
  5. Mini rose, I am Different®, Look at Me™
  1. Garden rose, Plant’n’relax®, I am Grateful™
  2. Garden rose, Sweet Home Roses®, Sweet Love of Mine™
  3. Garden rose, Plant’n’cut™, Tender™
  4. Cut rose, Rosa Loves Me®, With Heart and Soul™
  5. Edible rose, Gourmet Roses®, Birthday Rose™