Aalsmeer Region Participants 2019

Hassinger Orchideen

11 - 14 June 2019

About usHassinger Orchideen

Life of Orchids - Hassinger Orchideen
Hassinger Orchideen is a family owned business from Germany that looks back 30 years of orchid breeding. Over 500 varieties in Phalaenopsis, Masdevallia or less known genera are developed in that time. These Types are sold worldwide as young plants or as tissue culture. Wheter prosper grown and luminous pink or tender and classic white, our repertoire is wide. We deliver special types for high class products as well as marketable standard ware.
This years’ focus is on the Sunrise Serie – Phalaenopsis varieties for every pot size from 6 cm to 12 cm in the color of a sunrise, gaudy and harmonic the same time. Unique is also the scent of some of those tropical beauties, if warmed by the sunlight.

Video impression 2018Hassinger Orchideen

Bellavallia has won by its compelling flower characterisics and its aesthetic growth some prices. Available under this brand name are many Masdevallia Hybrids and natural varieties, which get nicely merchandised. Take a step forward and broaden your production plan with lines like this. Bellavallia® is available as young plant and as flowering pot​sortiment.html?lang=de
Hassinger Phalaenospis
Hassinger Phalaenospis
Phalaenopsis is the most popular pot plant, not at least by concepts like micro, medio, marco, compact line and long life from Hassinger. 2017 we introduce our new line “Sunrise varieties.” These Hybrids present a gorgeous play of colours in yellow-orange to red shades. Besides some “Sunrise varieties”do decoy with a tender citrus fragrance. Exclusively at the Flower Trials a choice will be​sortiment.html?lang=de
Hassinger Cambria
Hassinger Cambria
Cambrias, also known as Intergeneric hybrids are the third pile of Hassingers sortiment. Boosted effort was made on products which bloom earlier and grow more compact. Cambrias are real eye-catcher and highly demanded by​sortiment-cambria.html?lang=de

Top 10 productsHassinger Orchideen

  1. Fritzi
  2. Carmen
  3. Coco
  4. Sunny
  5. Bibi
  1. Nippon
  2. Naskapi
  3. Bellavallia orange
  4. Bellavallia yellow
  5. Oncidium "Little Brilliants"