Aalsmeer Region Participants 2018


12 - 15 June 2018

About usFloricultura

Floricultura specialises in breeding, selection and propagation of orchids. Annual sales of many dozens of millions of young orchid plants all over the world have made our company the global market leader in orchid propagation material.
As suppliers of propagation material, we stand out not only for the volume of our output but also for our wide range of orchid genera. Besides a good working atmosphere, our approachable company culture promotes contacts between and a good exchange of knowledge and expertise among employees. The driving force behind our success as a production company is the prominent role we assign to research, wherever possible we use our research results and new technologies to further improve the quality of our orchids and our production methods.

Video impression 2017Floricultura

Phalaenopsis 'Silver Light'
Phalaenopsis 'Silver Light'
White is white, you’d say. That is, until you’ve seen 'Silver Light'. The introduction of 'Silver Light' celebrates Floricultura’s success in breeding a white variety with what may truly be termed large flowers. With its flower diameter of 12 cm this variety is the showpiece of Floricultura’s white range. The well-stacked leaves make it easy for this variety to produce spikes. When this variety is in full bloom anyone will understand why it has been called 'Silver Light'. A veritable sparkling white gem!
Phalaenopsis 'Sunshower'
Phalaenopsis 'Sunshower'
Sunlight is important for people. A good dose of sunshine makes us feel more energetic and gives us a healthy colour. Sunlight helps us to relax, boosts our circulation and can even relieve pain. So it’s not surprising that light therapy can be very beneficial. Most beautiful is of course natural light. Floricultura has its own natural light: 'Sunshower'. This stunning new Phalaenopsis’s bright yellow flowers are very reminiscent of sunlight. The flowers, which measure at least 10 centimetres, make this variety really radiant. No longer any need for light therapy!
Phalaenopsis 'Olivia'
Phalaenopsis 'Olivia'
Floricultura’s 'Olivia' was introduced on the market only recently. Its flowers are a beautiful deep pink with a subtle underlying stripe. Unusually shaped flowers, more than forty flowers and at least three spikes, but usually more. All in all a variety that performs extremely well in every respect. And a really refreshing look to boot. In other words, definitely worthy of the name Olivia.

Top 10 productsFloricultura

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