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15 - 18 June 2021

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At Ebbing-Lohaus, we specialise in the production of seed and young plants. Our top-quality Primula acaulis seed is marketed to seed wholesalers and nurseries all over the world. Within the German market, we supply mainly young plants. Young plants are marketed primarily as plugs in trays of 336 cells, each cell measuring 1.7 cm in diameter. These plants are ready for potting and should be grown under glass.

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Nostalgic charm or modern spontaneity: the Victoriana gold-edged primula is at home anywhere. As a pot plant it will adorn your windowsill in the spring, and in the garden this late-flowering series provides long-lasting blooms well into April. The decorative flowers are borne on long, graceful stems in attractive loose umbels, about 20 centimetres above the leaves. The Victoriana series currently offers three varieties in expressive colour combinations. The luminous yellow centre is surrounded by a decorative band of red, violet or mocha encircled by a narrow white border. These robust Victoriana primulas are perfect as a group in bowls, pots and flowerbeds. They are hardy, thrive in the garden in moist, humus-rich soil, and their extraordinary flowers will bring more pleasure next year.
sibel® salmon shades Primula polyantha – F1 hybrids

The salmon shades tones in the sibel® polyantha series usher in a completely new colour spectrum. These new varieties range in appearance from salmon through peach to pink. The shades all belong to the same colour group but vary in intensity; as a result, sibel® salmon shades in mixed plantings forms an attractive whole with an extremely harmonious presentation. They all share the striking yellow centre which forms a cheerful contrast and makes the salmon-coloured flowers shine even brighter. Like their sister varieties, the new salmon-coloured primulas have crown-shaped flower heads supported by strong, medium-length stems, allowing each to make a very strong statement in its own right.
elodie® golden yellow Primula acaulis – F1 hybrids

This decorative new addition to the elodie® range will delight all primula lovers with a taste for something extraordinary. The fairytale beauties from the entrancing elodie® series with their ruched petals and romantic appearance have acquired a feisty new sister. With its strong and warm yellow, elodie® golden yellow seems like a Brazilian samba queen among princesses. The rippled petals make the flowers look double, producing a rich, vibrant and powerful effect. A statement in mixed plantings and an exclusive look as a stand-alone feature on the windowsill or an inviting decoration on the garden table. elodie® golden yellow fills your house and garden with spring sunshine in a particularly attractive way.

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