Westland Region Participants 2020

D.H.M.Innovation / breeding company by Lannes

9 - 12 June 2020

About usD.H.M.Innovation / breeding company by Lannes

DHM Innovation by Lannes
DHMI is a leading breeding company in Mandevilla/Dipladenia DIAMANTINA® and tropical Hibiscus under various brands such as HOLLYWOOD® and RIO CLARA™. It also acts as a Plant Editor for the European Market with Lagerstroemia BLACK SOLITAIRE®, Abutilon MAPPLEIA™, Violette de Toulouse and others to come.
DHMI is the R&D unit of Lannes Group. It creates and promotes new varieties in various countries, particularly in Europe but also in the US, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand, Japan and South Africa.
Collaboration and partnerships lead the company to innovative and performing products that fulfill the needs of the new generation of plant consumers.

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Diamantina® Opale Citrine 2.0
Diamantina® Opale Citrine 2.0
DHMI is proud to announce the release of the new Opale Citrine named Citrine 2.0
This improved variety allows easier production under standard conditions, with better branching and higher vigor. Flower size and gold yellow color compare to the first version of the variety.
Young plant production time of this new variety is comparable to all other DIAMANTINA® dipladenia types such as Jade, Opale and Topaze series.
A better plant presentation gives retailers the opportunity of a higher turnover on a growing market segment.
Consumers will be delighted by the exceptional blooming capacity of Citrine
RIO CLARA 'Pink Splash'
RIO CLARA 'Pink Splash'
The Hibiscus range proposed by DHMI has been on the market for several years. It is particularly known on the other side of the Atlantic through the brand HOLLYWOOD®. All selected varieties meet specific criteria related to outdoor performance. A strong branching capacity, a good general structure of the plant, an abundant flowering and a regular re-blooming capacity are all characteristics that make it possible to differentiate the DHMI series from the others.
The variety ' Pink Splash ' is an ideal representation of what DHMI offers on the market of garden Hibiscus in addition to a simply breathtaking
Diamantina® Topaze 'Vermillon'
Diamantina® Topaze 'Vermillon'
Topaze 'Vermillon' is one of the most beautiful red Dipladenia on the market. The intense and stable color of this variety is, together with Jade 'Scarlet' the bestsellers of the DIAMANTINA® product range. The Topaze series meets the production criteria required when making hanging baskets as the flowers are always properly oriented. Topaze ‘Vermillon’ is a dipladenia type, half-climbing that gives excellent results when it is produced on a trellis, a tipi, a double-arch or as a standard plant.
DIAMANTINA® Topaze ‘Vermillon’ presents flowers of an intense color that do not fade in warm periods and in full sun

Top 10 productsD.H.M.Innovation / breeding company by Lannes

  1. Dipladenia DIAMANTINA® Topaze 'Vermillon'
  2. Dipladenia DIAMANTINA® Opale 'Citrine'
  3. Dipladenia DIAMANTINA® Jade 'White'
  4. Dipladenia DIAMANTINA® Opale 'Fuchsia Flammé'
  5. Mandevilla DIAMANTINA® Tourmaline 'Rose'
  1. Mandevilla DIAMANTINA® Agathe 'Scarlet'
  2. Hibiscus RIO CLARA™ 'Orange'
  3. Hibiscus HOLLYWOOD® 'Chatty Cathy'
  4. Lagerstroemia BLACK SOLITAIRE® 'Purely Purple'
  5. Lagerstroemia BLACK SOLITAIRE® 'Best Red'