Westland Region Participants 2019

D.H.M.Innovation / breeding company by Lannes

11 - 14 June 2019

About usD.H.M.Innovation / breeding company by Lannes

DHM Innovation by Lannes
DHMI is a leading breeding company in Mandevilla DIAMANTINA® and Hibiscus HOLLYWOOD™. It also acts as a Plant Editor for the European Market with Lagerstroemia BLACK SOLITAIRE®, Abutilon MAPPLEIA™…
DHMI is the R&D unit of Lannes Group. It creates and promotes new varieties in various countries, particularly in Europe but also in the US, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand, Japan and South Africa.
Collaboration and partnerships lead the company to innovative and performing products that fulfill the needs of the new wave plant consumers.

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DIAMANTINA® Tourmaline 'Rose Splash' Lanmassachusetts
DIAMANTINA® Tourmaline 'Rose Splash' Lanmassachusetts
The Tourmaline segment of the DIAMANTINA® series comprises non-vining mandevilla type varieties. Presented for the first time at IPM Essen this year, Tourmaline ‘Rose Splash’ is the latest introduction with extra large flowers and leaves. The compact plant habit is stunning and makes this variety suitable for ‘ready to use’ decor garden use. Flowers are a shade of pink and rose splashes of colors. They open widely and last many days. 15cm pot size is required as a minimum to properly grow Tourmaline ‘Rose Splash’. Pass by our DHMI booth at Green05 to discover this new outstanding DIAMANTINA® Tourmaline 'Rose Splash' variety and take as many pictures as you want!
DIAMANTINA® Jade 'Orange Coral' Lanmississippi
DIAMANTINA® Jade 'Orange Coral' Lanmississippi
DHMI has introduced two Orange dipladenia types of which this one fits into the compact series called Jade. DIAMANTINA® Jade ‘Orange Coral’ is now available as unrooted cuttings this summer. This variety has been performing extremely well in our various trial fields since its first presentation to the professionals. Jade ‘Orange Coral’ is very compact and branches beautifully. The unique eye catching color is a shade of orange with yellowish and reddish touches. The flowers are slightly smaller than a typical dipladenia type but come in numbers. Make your sales flying with this new trendy DIAMANTINA® Jade ‘Orange Coral’ dipladenia!
DIAMANTINA® Opale 'Citrine'Lancalifornia & Platinum 'Intense Fuchsia' Lanarkansas
DIAMANTINA® Opale 'Citrine'Lancalifornia & Platinum 'Intense Fuchsia' Lanarkansas
DHMI was the first Mandevilla breeder to introduce different colors to the traditional red Mandevilla market. With its pure yellow flowers, Opale ‘Citrine’ is not to present any longer as it is worldly recognized as part of a regular dipladenia product assortment. Platinum ‘Intense Fuchsia’ was introduced last year and is now available starting this summer 2018. Color combination is a major consumer trend. Is there anything to add to the beauty of this picture, showing a stunning and ideal color combination of gold yellow with dark pink fuchsia? Just pass by our booth at Green05 and see by yourself!