Westland Region Participants 2018

D.H.M.Innovation / breeding company by Lannes

12 - 15 June 2018

About usD.H.M.Innovation / breeding company by Lannes

DHM Innovation by Lannes
DHMI is the Breeding, R&D company of Lannes Group, known for DIAMANTINA, RIO CLARA & BLACK SOLITAIRE

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DIAMANTINA® Topaze 'White' Lannewmexico and DIAMANTINA® Aventurine 'Violine' Lanalaska
DIAMANTINA® Topaze 'White' Lannewmexico and DIAMANTINA® Aventurine 'Violine' Lanalaska
Presented in 2017, these two new varieties will be released in 2018. Topaze 'White' is a great color addition to the existing Topaze series. Short internodes allow ground cover plant habit for perfect hanging baskets. The blooming capacity is exceptional. Topaze 'White' features a new leaf type that brings new plant style in the Dipladenia plant category.
Aventurine 'Violine' features an outstanding new color. The variety is compact and steady with a fantastic self-branching capacity. Like all DIAMANTINA® varieties, Aventurine 'Violine' is color resistant to sun exposure. This new color will attract new customer looking for trendy and design plants suitable for modern
DIAMANTINA® Opale 'Orange Coral' Lanillinois
DIAMANTINA® Opale 'Orange Coral' Lanillinois
Awarded Best Innovation at IPM Essen 2016 in Germany, DIAMANTINA® Opale 'Orange Coral' is an outstanding new variety featuring a new color among many others already created by DHMI in the Mandevilla/Dipladenia plant category. Slightly smaller than standard dipladenia types, the flowers are colored in shades of orange. Plant habit is comparable to the other DIAMANTINA® varieties belonging to the Opale series. Considered as a half-climbing dipladenia, Opale 'Orange Coral' requires a support to thrive beautifully. The blooming capacity is one of the best. Discover DIAMANTINA® Opale 'Orange Coral' at the Flower Trials 2017! Cuttings will be available for 2017-2018 plant production
DIAMANTINA® Opale 'Citrine'Lancalifornia
DIAMANTINA® Opale 'Citrine'Lancalifornia
Awarded Best Innovation by the International Jury of IPM Essen in January 2011, DIAMANTINA® Opale 'Citrine' is the unique pure yellow Mandevilla worldwide. This outstanding color as a great commercial value and is widely used to catch the consumer's eyes. DHMI was the first to introduce such variety as part of a plant category that is mostly known for the color 'red'. Markets change rapidly, so the consumers' needs. Add this variety to your classic DIAMANTINA® product assortment and open your business to a larger group of consumers including the youngest. For best results, please ask for our technical support. We have mass records of best practices that we will be happy to share with

Top 10 productsD.H.M.Innovation / breeding company by Lannes

  1. Mandevilla DIAMANTINA® Opale 'Citrine'
  2. Mandevilla DIAMANTINA® Topaze 'Vermillon'
  3. Mandevilla DIAMANTINA® Opale 'Orange Coral'
  4. Mandevilla DIAMANTINA® Jade 'White'
  5. Mandevilla DIAMANTINA® Tourmaline 'Pink'
  1. Mandevilla DIAMANTINA® Agathe 'Scarlet'
  2. Hibiscus RIO CLARA 'Orange'
  3. Hibiscus RIO CLARA 'White & Pink'
  4. Lagerstroemia BLACK SOLITAIRE 'Best Red'
  5. Lagesrtroemia BLACK SOLITAIRE 'Purely Purpple