Westland Region Participants 2018

BOCK Bio Science GmbH

12 - 15 June 2018

About usBOCK Bio Science GmbH

creating future. breeding leaders
As pioneers in the field of in vitro propagation, we are already today creating and propagating
the plants that will make your customers happy tomorrow.
At Bock we firmly believe that naturally beautiful plants enhance our lives.

We stand for more than 90 years of breeding experience.
This sets us apart – and makes us Bock.

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Phalaenopsis - 90 years of experience
Phalaenopsis - 90 years of experience
It takes expertise which has been nurtured over generations to achieve the interbreeding, cultivation and calibrated propagation of the very best varieties and product lines.

Bock focuses especially on the consistent development of high- performance Phalaenopsis assortments for a all market segments.

We are your reliable partner in the exclusive cloning and propagation of your varieties.

Good things may take a while!
Hellebore – success can be programmed
Hellebore – success can be programmed
Bock hellebore clones offer you a uniform, fast growing culture with 6-9 months cultivation time and an early flower.

We supply you with pure white, rose and red varieties for a range of pot sizes from 6-18cm.

You can order our young plants for delivery year round.

We develop your assortment!
Personal Vault - your treasure in good hands
Personal Vault - your treasure in good hands
We are your partner for modern plant breeding. As experts in propagation of Phalaenopsis, Helleborus, and shrub cultivars, we have innovative methods and state-of-the-art reproduction techniques at our disposal at two facilities.

Your genetics are your capital and we conserve it for you in vitro!

Professional virus diagnostics and molecular genetic studies ensure the health of your plants.

Our know-how for your success!

Top 10 productsBOCK Bio Science GmbH

  1. Phalaenopsis. Mimi 0727
  2. Phalaenopsis. Sarasto 0858
  3. Phalaenopsis. Bayamo 1621
  4. Helleborus niger. St.Lucia 3815
  5. Helleborus niger. St. Nicolas 2274
  1. Helleborus niger. St. Antonia 2278
  2. Helleborus orientalis. Spring Romance Sortiment
  3. Primula auricula. Alpine Auricula Sortiment
  4. Leontopodium silvretta. Success Sortiment
  5. Saxifraga cortusifolia. Autumn Grace Sortiment