Westland Region Participants 2019

Armada Young Plants B.V.

11 - 14 June 2019

About usArmada Young Plants B.V.

Specialists in Young Plants.
You are very welcome to visit us during FlowerTrials 2018 at our location in De Lier!

Armada Young Plants B.V. is breeder and propagator of cutflowers, potplants and perennials. Specially Chrysanthemum, Aster, Ajania, Asclepias, Eupatorium, Eryngium, Chelone, Lysimachia for cutflowers. For Potplants Armada Young Plants B.V. is specialised in Aster, Ajania, Dahlia, Chrysanthemum and Pico Chrysanthemum, Hibiscus, Dianthus, Monarda, Chelone, Lavendula, Solidago, Veronica, Hypericum and Potroses.

Video impression 2018Armada Young Plants B.V.

Pot Aster Sunrise® series
Pot Aster Sunrise® series
A beautiful series with all main colours of Aster in double flowers, this is the newest line of pot Asters of Armada. The Aster Sunrise® serie is after years of breeding and selection selected on uniformity and vigor. The current serie is available in the colours: white, pink, lavender, blue and
Pot Rose Star®
Pot Rose Star®
A gorgeous series of pot Roses in many colors! Unique within the Star Roses are the intense colors of the varieties. The "Bling" line within the assortment distinguishes itself with deep green glossy leaves, which in the production already benefits in terms of diseases and pests. In addition, these varieties show very vital in the shelves in the stores and have a more than excellent shelf life.

Star Roses, we call with appropriate pride THE pot Roses genetics for a successful, profitable
Dianthus Dianturi® Twinkle
Dianthus Dianturi® Twinkle
Dianturi® Twinkle is a rich flowering garden plant which is extremely suitable for gardens, borders, pots and dishes. Dianturi® Twinkle flowers several times per year and produces bright pink flowers with a great fragrance. Dianturi® Twinkle is winter hardy until -15 degrees celcius. Dianturi® Twinkle is an excellent product for city parks and streets. Dianturi® Twinkle requires little maintenance, is not sensitive for pests and diseases and gives a happy feeling with its bright

Top 10 productsArmada Young Plants B.V.

  1. Pot Chrysanthemum
  2. Pot Chrysanthemum Pico®
  3. Pot Chrysanthemum Multiflora Blanchett®
  4. Hibiscus Cheerleaders®
  5. Pot Hypericum Miracle®
  1. Pot Roses Star®
  2. Dianthus Diantini Splash®
  3. Lavender Havanna®
  4. Pot Aster Sunrise®
  5. Pot Aster Summer Surprise®