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11 - 14 June 2019

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Anthura - Unlimited in Varieties, offering unlimited possibilities
Anthura is expert in breeding and production of Orchids and Anthurium. Many years of focus on innovative and sustainable product development resulted in an unlimited variation of colourful varieties. Every day we challenge ourselves to create new Anthura varieties, offering unlimited possibilities.

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80-year anniversary in 2018
80-year anniversary in 2018
We proudly celebrate our 80-year anniversary in 2018. The history goes back to 1938, the year in which the first generation of the family Van der Knaap started their own horticultural company.

In eighty years the company has grown from a small family business to a worldwide specialist in the field of Orchids and Anthurium.

We would like to welcome you during the Flower Trials this year in a festive​timeline/​?lang=en
Large variation in Anthurium
Large variation in Anthurium
Anthura is world market leader in Anthurium and offers a large palette of colourful, graceful flowers and plants. We pay special attention to innovative and strong varieties that fit the specific needs and requirements of growers worldwide.

During the Flower Trials our showroom offers a unique selection of promising Anthurium novelties, including Alaska®.

Alaska is a 'cool' Anthurium with large snow white flowers. The plant also performs surprisingly well under prolonged warm
Worldwide famous cities
Worldwide famous cities
Anthura is expert in Orchids and delivers young plants in more than 40 countries. Hundreds of growers in the professional horticultural sector prefer our varieties and millions of consumers daily buy flowers and plants.

Our orchids varieties are named after world-famous cities and are well recognizable in the market.

Visit our showroom during the Flower Trials. It is filled with novelties of world class including Anthura Torino, a classic Italian

Top 10 productsAnthura

  1. Phalaenopsis 'Anthura Leeds'
  2. Phalaenopsis 'Anthura Torino'
  3. Anthurium pot plant 'Sweet Dream®'
  4. Phalaenopsis 'Anthura Morelia'
  5. Phalaenopsis 'Anthura Stellenbosch'
  1. Anthurium pot plant 'Joli®'
  2. Anthurium pot plant 'Madural®'
  3. Phalaenopsis 'Anthura Narbonne'
  4. Anthurium cut flower 'Maravilla®'
  5. Anthurium cut flower 'Eterno®'