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Schoneveld breeding

14 - 17 June 2022

About usSchoneveld breeding

Schoneveld Breeding is specialist in breeding of cold loving pot plants like Cyclamen, Primula, Ranunculus and Campanula. We make strong varieties with a high ornamental value and a long shelf life. We offer our products and services to specialized production companies and young plant growers all over the world.

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Cyclamen Super Serie Leopardo
Cyclamen Super Serie Leopardo
Super Serie Leopardo is our new large-flowered heat tolerant Cyclamen.

The plant flowers uniform and is relatively easy to grow. Leopardo is known for its large flowers and powerful colours.

Before introduction, Leopardo has been tested with several growers. The results were excellent!

Leopardo is available in 6 colours and is suitable for pot sizes 12 cm – 14 cm (5” – 5.5.”), with a production time of 27-3o weeks. In the upcoming season (21-22) the series will be extended with a new colour: Leopardo Pink with Eye.

With the arrival of Leopardo we now have a complete assortment Cyclamen with a suitable variety for every climate, every season and every flower
Cyclamen Super Serie Crayon
Cyclamen Super Serie Crayon
Crayon is a new mini Cyclamen with a unique and distinct colour. It is reminiscent of a pinstripe.

Crayon has a compact and round plant shape, produces lots of flowers and is comparable in cultivation to Verano.

The first two colours that were marketed, are Wine Red and Salmon. Upcoming season (21-22) the series will be extended with two new colours: Crayon Violet and Crayon Pink.

Crayon performs very good in warm conditions and has a good shelf
Best for Outdoor colours your garden
Best for Outdoor colours your garden
Outdoor use of flowering pot plants needs different conditions on products than indoor use. Our ‘Best for Outdoor’ quality mark indicates that a product meets our requirements for outdoor plants.

Good performance
Our tests have shown that within certain product ranges some colours perform extremely well when used outdoors. At the moment, there are four Cyclamen Super Series (Verano, Donatello, Carino, Picasso) in which only a selection of colours can bear the label, which are:

Different concepts
‘Best for Outdoor’ helps to make the right choice for outdoor products. This quality mark is the basis voor our outdoor concepts Garden Selections and Veranda Selections.

Do you want to know what these concepts include and what possibilities it provides or you? Contact us for more

Top 10 productsSchoneveld breeding

  1. Super Serie Leopardo
  2. Super Serie Crayon
  3. Super Serie Verano – Victoria (2 new colors)
  4. Super Serie Djix
  5. Best for Outdoor
  1. Primula acaulis Paradiso
  2. Primula Polyanthus Paradiso Perola
  3. Primula Obconica Touch Me Mini
  4. Primula Obconica Pricanto
  5. Ranunculus Sprinkles Dwarf